Ways to Make Thin Lips Look Bigger

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You can make thin lips look bigger in a wide variety of different ways depending on what products you're using and how. Learn about ways to make thin lips look bigger with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Hi, I'm Spencer Barnes, celebrity makeup artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to make thin lips look bigger. Today I'll be using the lip shade Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Lip Color in Pout On Pink. If you have small lips, thin lips or your top lip is smaller than your bottom or vice versa, there are great tools you can use to help you have fuller more pouty looking lips. One of the best ways is by starting with a lip pencil. A lip pencil gives you perfect control to shape the lip, enhance the shape and perfect it. Let's get started. So start by making sure your pencil is sharpened and has a nice tip for you and examine the lip shape. For her we're going to just bring the lips a little bit beyond the top, the natural top lip line and that way we'll be able to push the shape, round it out, make the top look a little bit fuller and match the bottom lip. Here we go. Let's start at the bow of her lips and gently come across the peak of her lip and down to the corners of her mouth. You'll notice I'm pushing just beyond her natural lip line, rounding it up a little higher so that I'm exaggerating her lip shape but still keeping it in the natural frame of her mouth. Depending on the lipstick you choose or if you're using a lipstick at all, when you choose a lip liner you want to go with something that's a little deeper than the lip tone but that also complements your end lip color. If you have a lipstick that's red, maybe you'll choose a fully bright red lip liner but if you're doing something pink or peach you may be want to keep the liner a little softer and subdued. A good option is something with a little bit more of a beigy brown tone and that will keep it a little softer for you and you can blend a lot of lip colors into that. You'll notice once you've go this line going instead of just a hard line I'm gently filling in the lip and just transitioning it into her lip area so that when I do put the lip color it's a little softer instead of a hard harsh line so they don't look so lined but they look more like a naturally full shadowed lip. You'll notice her bottom lip is beautiful and full just as it is so we're not going to push the line down on the bottom. We'll keep it where it is and that way it will balance out with the top lip nicely. So I'm just going to follow her natural lip shape on the bottom and bring it right into the center and make sure you get the corners of the mouth. Now that her lip liner is on I'm going to use a lipstick brush and this beautiful pink to transition and although this color is a little pinker and softer than the liner, it's okay. They're going to transition beautifully. The lip liner has got a little more of a raisiny cinnamon color in it. But the nice thing with the liner being there is that it will give us a clear defined lip shape and you just bring the color of the lip right up to the edge of the lip liner and blend it right into it. That will help ensure that you have a smooth transition from your liner to your lip color and it will give a more natural complete look. You'll notice if you're choosing a lip color that's shiny and you're bringing your lip shape out, anything that's reflective, metallic or shiny, it's going to make the lips look less naturally full but if you use a matte lipstick or a matte liner, it will help disguise the fact that you've gone beyond your lip and and you'll look a lot more natural. There's a little insider tip. If you want at home, you can use a tube to get started. The great thing about a brush is it gives you a lot of precision towards the lip edge. It may be something you enjoy using alongside with the tube. And as a final tip there's one other way you can really make the lip shape crisp and clean. Come in with a little bit of concealer. I've got a dab of concealer on my hand here. I'm coming in with this brush and I'm going to do a little bit right up by the lip edge and this will help you get a very perfect beautifully enhanced lip edge detail. It's another way you can enhance the lip shape giving you that perfectly shaped lip pout. If you experience feathering in your lip color, this is another great way to keep the color right inside your lip line so that it doesn't bleed up into those feathery areas later on in the day. And there are a few ways to make thin lips look bigger. I'm Spencer Barnes and thanks for watching.


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