How to Use Makeup to Get Rid of Dark Circles

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Makeup can be used in a very specific way to get rid of dark circles on your skin. Use makeup to get rid of dark circles with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Spencer Barnes, celebrity makeup artist. Today I'm going to show you how to use makeup to get rid of dark circles and today we're going to use Instant Age Rewind Eraser for dark circles by Maybelline. When you conceal for dark circles, the easiest place to start is by looking at the face, examining and looking at exactly where you have the darkest areas on the face. For Jean Louise we're going to focus right here in this trough under the eye. It's sort of like a Nike Swoosh and the key is to not put the product all over under the eye but to focus on that dark area. Let's get started. So we'll use a little brush and I'll put it right in that darkest area so that I'm concealing the darker area all the way up until the area where it's lighter and the rest of it's the color of the skin and we'll blend that right into the under eye area, feather out this outer area because it's not as, it's a softer transition here but here we have a much darker area so we'll just softly feather it out from the inner part of the eye, blending outward and down, trying to make it as seamless and smooth as possible so that the difference between the two is that you have a brightened highlighted area concealing the dark circles. You can also focus on the inner eye area. Some people get a little blue or kind of a purple undertone here. You can conceal those areas as well using a brush or your fingertips and just blend that into the lid. As you can see the difference between the two eyes already. This one is a lot brighter and more lifted and this one you can still see the darker area is something we want to cover up and minimize to make the eye look more open and fresh. You'll notice I also did a little concealer here on the sides of the nose. I wanted to make sure that the face structure was balanced as well so it sort of widened and brightened the face by doing that. It's a good idea to look straight ahead in the mirror and see how the face is looking and by making sure it's balanced you'll get an appropriate level of concealing. So now that I've finished concealing her second eye, you can see how nice and balanced her face and complexion is and this is of course, before foundation but a tip for you when you're doing this at home make sure your lighting is even for both sides of the face and frontally lit, that will make sure that you have even and smooth application. If it's too heavy from the side or heavy from above, you may get circles or exaggerated shadows that really aren't there. Another place you can check is the outdoor in natural light. And that's how you use makeup to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. I'm Spencer Barnes, and thank you for watching.


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