How to Tile a Flower Pot

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Tiling a flower pot requires a few key tools, like a putty knife and some grout. Tile a flower pot with help from a longtime craft professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs, and today I'm going to show you how to tile a flower pot. So some of the things you'll need are a flower pot. You can get a terra cotta pot at a craft store or home decorating store. They're really inexpensive. Some tile adhesives. Some mosaic tiles or broken up plates. They're fun to smash between pieces of newspaper. A putty knife. Some grout. A water and sponge and a tile cutter if you want to kind of nip some of those tiles to fit in to the smaller places. It's like creating a puzzle. Putting a puzzle together. So we're going to start with a terra cotta pot and we're going to smooth some adhesive on just a portion of it. You want to work a little at a time. You don't want to put the adhesive on the entire pot. So you just smooth it on and you don't want it to be too thick. You don't want it to be thicker than the tile you're putting on there. So let's just start with that little section. And I like to score the adhesive so the tile sticks a little better. There we go. Now I'm going to show you how to kind of create a mosaic and tile this flower pot with these tiles. So I just press gently in to the adhesive and just create a pattern. And you want to leave a little space between the tiles so the grout has somewhere to go. Now, I've actually seen some flower pots that use the adhesive as the adhesive and a grout. They make it really thick and then they push the pieces in it and the glue kind of wraps itself around the tile. But today, we're going to add some grout. So just continue to piece these together until the whole pot is covered. Once the pot is covered, you will need to have it set at least twenty-four hours. You want that adhesive to dry. Doesn't look like much right now but it's going to be really pretty. So I have one here that I have done with little pre-cut mosaic tiles. This one has been drying for at least twenty-four hours. So now I'm ready to grout it. So you want to put your gloves on. This is a very messy job. You might want to actually do this outside. It's kind of a fun project to do with kids too. But be careful, some of those tiles are sharp. So you're going to mix your grout to the manufacturer's directions. Now you can use a putty knife to put your grout on or your fingers. This is the way i like to do it. So now you're just going to spread your grout in to those crevices. Fill those crevices up. Push that grout in between those spaces. Those spaces could be maybe a sixteenth of an inch, an eighth of an inch, whatever you desire. So once that grout is in there, you want it to sit for about fifteen minutes before you wipe it down. So five, ten, fifteen minutes have gone by. You get your sponge and your water and you're going to wipe that grout away. So you'll continue to grout your entire piece and let that drive for another twenty-four hours. Look how pretty they look. I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs and that's how you tile a flower pot.


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