How to Make Animals From Wool Roving

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Making animals from wool roving is essentially creating a caricature using knitting. Make animals from wool roving with help from a longtime craft professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs, and today I'm going to show you how to make animals from wool roving. There are several ways to do it but I'm going to show you some little tips and tricks on making animals. The first I do is I go online and I kind of choose I kind of print out some images. For instance if I wanted to make a mouse but I wanted to make a caricature of one. You know, if I wanted to make one to look more realistic I'd print out a real mouse. But this one is you know kind of a caricature of a mouse. You need something to reference from. I mean you could try doing it from your head, but this will be a lot easier. Here I have a moose that I printed out. And when I print them out I print them from all different angles. And I actually look at them on my computer screen as well. Front, back, side, you know. I mean here's this creature here, I think it's called a greater kudu. So you need something to reference from. You're going to need your wool roving, your felting needles, some pipe cleaners help with arms and legs. Some wire sometimes for arms and feet for birds feet. You can use wool to start with or you can make your whole animal out of wool roving. So here if I was going to make the body of a small mouse, I could wrap my wool into like a little elongated shape. And then I would start to cover that with wool. And then I would start to needle felt. Now if you know anything about needle felting, these needles are sharp. How I do the arms and legs of a lot of these little creatures, I use pipe cleaners. So I would cut a piece I would actually fold this little end over so you don't get a sharp edge and then you would cut it to length. A little longer than you want to because you're going to have to push this in to the animal. So let's see. It's about like that. Then I would grab a little piece of the wool roving. Kind of lay that out. And start to wrap the pipe cleaner. And you just kind of wrap it around, rip it off and then you kind of needle felt it closed until you get something like this. These little legs and arms. So now you have parts of your mouse. You've got a body, you've got a head, you've got a coupe of feet and arms. OK now we need to put them together. That's simple. You can so here's a foot so with my scissor I'm going to kind of create a hole. Kind of cut it and insert the foot inside. That's the start of one. And I would do the same with an arm. Insert that little arm there. Can see it's starting to form already. And then you would needle felt that closed. I'm just going to give you kind of the basics. So you do that, you connect the head, same technique, needle felt them right on. It's kind of like gluing the head on. Let's see. Already he's starting to develop. And then you can make little ears. You can make ears out of the wool roving. You can kind of use a stencil like this. Put the wool roving in the middle of that and needle felt it until it starts to take shape. And you would get a tiny little ear like this. And you can add a little pink felt in there. Or you can just cut the ear out of a piece of craft felt. And you would just cut the ear out. And you can connect that to the head. Just like this little mouse here. So now I've connected all my pieces, but now I want to kind of combine the pieces. So I'm going to grab more wool and kind of fill in those areas. So you kind of fill in the neck area, and it's sculpting. I mean you want to sculpt your little fella, keep looking at your photos and your pictures. And see so you start to kind of connect the body with the arms and the legs. Now for eyes, I'd like to use little beads. So here I have a string of beads. What I would do is just take my little scissor and kind of make a hole in there. Felt is so forgiving. You make a mistake you just fill it right back up with some felt. Now we take a bead. I would dab a little glue in there and then I would insert the eye. Just have fun. Just start to experiment, have some fun. It takes a lot of patience. You will get poked, don't worry it doesn't hurt that much. And I hope some of these creatures give you some inspiration. I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs. Thank you.


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