How to Create a Time Lapse Movie From Digital Stills

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Creating a time lapse movie from digital stills is something you can do in almost any digital editing software. Create a time lapse movie from digital stills with help from a longtime and experienced photographer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Reinecke with Unknown Media, and today I'm going to show you how to create a time lapse movie from digital stills. For this, we're going to need to jump into our video editing software, so let's go there now. Alright, now were here in our video editing software, and as I scroll down, you can see I have all of the images for my time lapse, ready to go. So, first off, what I'm going to do, is make sure the Event-Library is selected, I'm going to go ahead and select Edit, Select All. and that will properly select all of our clips for for time lapse and then, I'm going to go Edit, Append to Storyline. Go ahead and select O.K. for the default settings. Now, what that's going to do, is drop all of those photos into our timeline. So, as you scrape through, you can see our time lapse is basically set, there's just a few things that we need to do, so it's perfect. Go ahead and click anywhere on your timeline to select the Timeline, and we'll go back up to select Edit, Select All. Now, all of our clips are selected, and as you can see, the image has a different aspect ratio than our video. So, what you're going to want to do, scroll down over here, and under Spatial Conform, you want to choose Fill. Now, what that'll do, is zoom in a bit and fill your frame properly. Now, with all the clips on your Time Lapse still selected on your Timeline, what you're going to want to do, is select Modify, Change Duration. Now, this is going to allow you to change the duration of each image as they appear on your timeline. So, if you were to select 24 seconds, our photos would be up there for 24 seconds. But what we want to do is, just simply type 'one' on your keyboard for one frame. Now, as you can see, that zoomed in quite a bit, all of your clips are now much shorter, they're literally one frame a piece. So, what we want to do is, go ahead and select View, Zoom to Fit. Now that is going to just zoom in on the timeline, and what we have here is, all of our images at one frame a piece, running for about five seconds for our time lapse. So, now from here, what you're going to want to do, is select Modify, Render All, and we'll just take a brief second here to let this video render out. So, we can play it as a complete time lapse. And now that our time lapse is completely rendered, all you have to do, is go ahead and select Play and there it is, our Time Lapse. And that's how you create a time lapse movie from digital stills. I'm Dan Reinecke, take your best shot.


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