Oven Beef Roast With Veggies

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Oven beef roast with veggies require you to cook everything in one pan. Find out about oven beef roast with veggies with help from an executive chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. I'm Alan Turner executive chef for Agri Beef Co. proprietors of Double R Ranch in St. Helen's, northwest beef. Today we're going to talk about how to roast a top round roast in the oven with vegetables. We're going to do the whole dinner in one pan in the oven. It's going to work out great. So the first thing we've done, I've seared the roast in my big pan here. I've got a nice brown crust on all sides of this. It took me about two minutes on a side. A little salt and pepper, that's all we've done so far. So now, we're going to put out veg in and give them a little glaze of olive oil. Put that right on my gloves and now I could just do this. That's very important having the olive oil on the skins of the potatoes and on the veg themselves. What it'll do is it'll help glaze them and it will also help them brown a little bit. So we've got zucchini, fresh carrots. I like to throw the red onions right on top of the roast and then I've got some nice corn on the cob that I've sliced. So that's what we're going to do. Going to give this one little hit of salt and pepper, use a little pepper and now just a little bit of salt, and we're ready. We're not going to put any water in this pan. It's going to be a dry roast, the juices from the vegetables as they cook down are all the juice we're going to need in there. So let's take this to the oven. We've got a 325 degree oven. And that should roast for about two hours. We'll check it in just a little while. So it's been two hours. Let's check the roast. And there we have it. Nice and soft on the onions there. Perfectly. So what we're going to do is we're going to take this nice little roast and we're going to put it right in the center there. The corn looks great, the zucchini's just right. This was the dinner my mom always made for us when we were kids, each Sunday. So a lot of meaning for me to be able to feed my family in this manner still. And there we go. So there you have it, top round roast roasted with vegetables. I'm Alan Turner from Double R Ranch, St. Helen's beef, thanks for watching.


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