Exercises to Release the Psoas

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Exercises to release the Psoas include a Yoga pose called frog that is really easy to do. Find out about exercises to release the Psoas with help from a massage therapist and personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Janet. I'm a trainer with Metamorphosis, and today I'm gonna show you an exercise on how to release the psoas. So the psoas as you know is a deep muscle underneath your abdominal wall and it's kind of right here by the hip bone. A really great way to release that muscle is a Yoga pose called frog and you're gonna like this one cause you really don't have to do much. So what you're gonna do is this. First come down on all fours. I want you to make sure that your hand or your wrist joint is right underneath your shoulder and I want you to make sure that your knee is right underneath your hip. So if you have a mirror that's great, if not just kind of look down and check it out. Then what you're gonna do is move your knees out to the side so don't move them back anymore, don't move them forwards anymore, they're just coming straight out to the side and I'm also being very careful that my shoe or my ankle is lined straight up with my knee because if my foot is in like this that puts pressure on my knee joint. So I'm nice and lined up and nice and lined up. Okay, and then your forearms come down and when you're doing this I want your head looking forward. I'm talking to you so I'm not gonna do that but that protects your neck. So I have really tight hips and my psoas is also tight. You may be a lot closer down to the floor than this so whatever your flexibility allows that's great and then what you're gonna do is hang out. It should be slightly painful but not enough to make you want to get out of the pose, just enough so it feels like a really great stretch and I'd like you stay here at least a minute, maybe more if you can and what's really great about this besides releasing the psoas if you stay in the pose long enough. Releasing any muscle means that you have to stay in the pose and let that stretch really start to relax the muscle but this also really gets the hip flexors which are really tight in most people from sitting so much and it also really releases the hip. To safely come out of this when you feel like you've had enough I want you to come up on your hands first and then gently walk one knee in and then the other knee in and then you're done and then you can just stand up. So my name is Janet and that was exercises for how to release the psoas. I'm with Metamorphosis and thanks for watching.


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