Shortbread Cookies Recipe

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Shortbread cookies use vanilla, sugar and a few other important ingredients for maximum flavor. Get a shortbread cookies recipe with help from a baking professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Baking with Melissa. Today, we're making a shortbread cookie recipe. And the great thing about this is we only need a few ingredients. We have two cups of flour, one cup of butter, one teaspoon of vanilla and a half a cup of sugar. So we're going to go ahead and begin and we're going to add our two sticks of butter in to the mixer and the half a cup of sugar and we're going to mix them together until it's nice and creamy. After you have the butter and the sugar mixed together, we are going to add in one teaspoon of vanilla and I'm using a vanilla extract just in case you're wondering. And we'll go ahead and mix that together. Now the great thing about this recipe is that you can double it if you would like so if you need more cookies you just double it up and it's not a big deal. Now I'm going to open this up and I'm going to add in our flour. Just a little bit at a time. My shortbread cookie dough is ready to go. You can do several different things here. First you're going to take your cookie sheet and you can just take a cookie scooper and you can scoop it out and put your dough right there on the cookie sheet, it will be fine. But I like to use what I have here. It's called a cookie press. In case you're wondering where you can get these, you can get them pretty much anywhere. But I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And the great thing about them is they always have those 20 percent off coupons that you can use. So I got a discount. It was really great. So here it is. It is a cookie press. It starts out, you want to pull the press knob up like that, you want the arrow facing away from the handle. Then you're going to turn it over, you're going to take some of your cookie dough and you're going to put it in to the tube, pack it in there. Then, it comes with all different little decorative tops there and I'm going to use one of the ones that looks like a flower when you press it out. Place it on top. Then you take the little knob there and you're going to just slowly turn that around until it locks in place. Then turn it over and you're going to take the arrow and you're going to push it over so it's directly in line with the handle. Then you're going to push it down. Sometimes dough will pop out, it's normal. Then you're going to place it on to your cookie sheet, press it down and then just pull the handle. And so you just press the handle, just pull the handle and you have these adorable little cookie shapes. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to finish this up, I'm going to put it in to the oven for about ten to 12 minutes. Depends on what size cookie you're making. If you're making a round ball, obviously there's a little bit more dough, it's going to take a little longer than the pretty little flowers. You'll bake it for about ten to 12 minutes, take them out and then you'll have amazing shortbread cookies. And this is what they look like. Amazing shortbread cookies that are sure to delight everyone's taste buds. Thank you for joining me today on Baking with Melissa, hope to see you next time.


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