How to Make a Montage in Microsoft PowerPoint

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Making a montage in Microsoft PowerPoint will require you to bring together elements like pictures, audio and transitions. Make a montage in Microsoft PowerPoint with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Josiah Rea. I'm going to show you how to make a montage using Microsoft PowerPoint. Now a montage basically is time passing much quicker in front of the camera. So with Microsoft PowerPoint it translates to a slideshow of time passing. Now, I don't have photos of time passing, like somebody, like graduation photos. If somebody goes from being a baby to a kid and on and on through life, but I do have some photos that we can kind of play around with and get a basic idea of it. Usually with a montage you have a transition to black and then back into a picture or something in between each section of time. So I'll show you how to do that as well so let's take a look. Here I am inside of Microsoft PowerPoint. I've got a few slides already done up. These are some photography pictures that I took and we're going to make one more slide. So right click and say new slide and it's completely blank. And let's right click on it and say format background and you've got a lot of choices to choose from but we want to insert a picture and instead of putting the picture onto the slide and then trying to size it up, I'm putting it as the entire background so it's completely seamless around the slides. So you don't get any like white slivers or anything showing through. Alright it fills in this pretty awful looking gradient which is kind of the default and we don't want that at all. We're going to instead insert a picture from a file and let's see, let's get a nice ending photo. How about this night shot? That looks pretty good. We'll insert that and close. So now we've got a kind of a starting photo with a nice bright sunny day and then all the way down through to the end of day, that looks pretty good. Alright let's come up here to the animations and we're going to select this fade to black. You notice there's two with black but this one is solid so it basically means it's going to cut to black instead of fade to black so it's going to be a little more jarring. We want to smooth things out to have it, give it a little bit of a flow. So let's select this fade to black and we're going to say we want to apply that to all. So that's going to automatically apply it to all of the slides in our show and we don't have to worry about clicking on them individually. We're also going to select this automatically advance the slide after. It defaults to four seconds. I'm actually going to change that to two seconds, kind of move things on a little bit so we're not dwelling too long and if we go to the slideshow and view it from beginning, we've got a nice fade out from black and then to black and into the next slide and etc., etc., as it goes along. So, that's not too bad. I'm going to end it right there. I hope you've enjoyed this video on how to create a montage using Microsoft PowerPoint. I'm Josiah Rea.


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