What Is an Invalid URL?

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An invalid URL can be many things, including a domain that just simply doesn't exist. Find out about an invalid URL with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Josiah Rea. I'm going to speak briefly about what invalid URLs are. An invalid URL basically means that you have the wrong address for a website. Now any website or any web page that goes online lives on a computer and has a very specific address, like a path to your file on your computer. So if you've got a file on your desktop then it has a very specific path or address where it lives. The Internet's exactly the same way. And if you get the wrong address it can't find whatever it is that you're looking for. So I'm going to demonstrate that for you real quick. So here I am inside of Firefox. I'm going to type in my website name. So jraestudios.com is my actual website so if I enter that it should come right up, and there's my portfolio website. But if I forgot the .com and instead I put, say, .gov for a government website, it comes back to me with an error that the server can't be found or it can't find whatever web page that I was looking for. Now this will occasionally happen with some popular social networking sites. And that's usually a problem on their end where something's gotten all mixed up. You can occasionally fix that by clearing out all the addresses that your computer knows about and I wont go into that right now, it's a little bit technical but you can sort of try to force it to refresh and it will be able to find that again. So I hope this has cleared up what URLs are and what an invalid URL is. I’m Josiah Rea.


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