Different Bicep Exercises & What They Work

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Different bicep exercises will all work different muscle groups with equal efficiency. Find out about different bicep exercises and what they work with help from a certified personal trainer and fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robert Henry of Robert Henry Fitness. I'm at The Aerobics Room in Los Angeles, and in this video we're going to go over different bicep exercises and what they work. Okay we're going to do some different bicep exercises to hit different parts of the bicep. It's called a bicep as opposed to say a tricep because it has two major parts or two heads, muscle heads if you will. The main bicep head is hit most directly by a curl which uses a palms up grip and we're going to demonstrate that right now with a curling bar. It's called a curling bar because it's not a straight bar. Okay let's keep our general posture straight, feet together or slightly apart and we'll do the curling but keep the elbows in close to the body, bring the bar up, almost make contact with your upper body and then take it down under control on the way down. This is working the main part of the bicep called the biceps brachii. You want to do 10 to 15 reps, three sets. Okay now we're going to try a couple of dumbbell bicep curl exercises. I'm going to use a twisting dumbbell bicep curl at first, feet same position as we used for our other bicep curls, together or slightly apart versus a wide stance. We don't want a wide stance for this. The dumbbells are at my sides. I'm going to do one arm at a time here alternating. As I raise the dumbbell I'm twisting it and then back down again but I'm going to alternate, so I demonstrated, let's demonstrate the movement with the alternation. Keep your elbows in and no swinging. I'm using a light weight. One of the reasons I alternate the arms is to control my movement and to avoid this kind of thing. You don't want to do that. You want to keep your posture erect and control the movement on the way up and down, particularly on the way down. That is the dumbbell twisting bicep curl. I recommend about 15 reps, three sets. Our next dumbbell bicep curl exercise is called the hammer curl because the grip is the same grip you would use if you were holding a hammer and driving a nail. It's also called a neutral grip. We're not going to twist on the way up. Now, this grip works more of the lower portion of the bicep and the upper forearm. All of these exercises do work the bicep but some of them hit the muscle from a different angle and the hammer curls in particular involve forearm and lower bicep. The twisting curls kind of get the benefits of the hammers and the standard curls. And there's your hammer grip, dumbbell bicep curls. Once again this is Robert Henry of Robert Henry Fitness. I'm at The Aerobics Room in Los Angeles, and you've just seen different bicep exercises and what they work.


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