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You can volumize your hair with a variety of different home remedies, including ones that involve a traditional flat iron. Find out about home remedies to volumize your hair with help from a celebrity hairstylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Demisha Webster, celebrity hairstylist of Styles on Wheels and Shades of Ebony Makeup. Today I'm going to show you how to volumize your hair at home. I've already placed some curls in her hair using my flat iron. Now there's several ways that you can tease your hair, volumizing your hair using some spray and I'm just going to show you a few quick things you can do, remedies at home to volumize your hair. So I'm going to section her hair off where I'm going add the volume at, and I'm using a teasing comb. Or you can use a teasing brush or a round brush and go in and just lightly tease the hair. Add a little bit of holding spray and then go in again and tease and just take my fingers and just tease, just scrunch the hair to give it volume. I just want to use my hands and fingers and just go in and spruce the hair around. Scrunch, scrunch it, scrunch it scrunch it and you can go back with the holding spray and give it a light mist. And that's the way you can use, and that's another way you can use to volumize your hair. Another way is to bring your hair forward upside down and go in and kind of give it a little bit of a tease. You can take your holding spray and kind of spray it bringing the hair forward. And flip it back and that's another great way to add volume to your hair. It doesn't take a whole lot, just add some curls, flip it forward and flip it back and there's a great way to add volume to your hair. I got one last quick trick to show you to add volume to your hair. And you can do this at night. I like to use a wide tooth comb to kind of still keep the body in the hair. And I'm going to section off a small piece in the front, because I want to have the volume in the front of the hair. And using a self stick, this is like a brush roller, a large roller, go in and roll the hair up. You want to do a off base roll. So you're going to section off every roller, bring your hair forward and roll it and in place. And these are self stick so that's really great to use that. And make sure you follow with the setting bonnet on the top to keep the rollers in its place during the night while you sleep. Put that roller in and of course in the morning when you take the rollers out, flip the hair forward again, add some spray and flip it back and just use your hands to kind of style it whatever way you like. And that's going to give you some great volume. My name is Demisha Webster with Styles on Wheels and Shades of Ebony and I just gave you a few home remedies you can use to volumize your hair. Thanks.


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