What Workouts Do the WWE Wrestlers Use?

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WWE wrestlers put their bodies in harm's way every day. Find out what workouts WWE wrestlers use with help from a champion NCAA wrestler and mixed martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Robert Weeks. I'm a mixed martial artist. Today, I'm here at Main Events Sports Club and I'm going to be showing you some exercises that WWE wrestlers use. Regardless of how certain people feel about WWE organization the athletes that are part of it are real athletes. They do put their body in harm's way everyday. And they train pretty much seven days a week, 365 days a year. Certain exercises that they like to use are very core exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and cleans. These are very important exercises because they allow all your major muscles to be activated all at once through a primary source not a secondary. And it engages that you have to teach your body how to create enough energy to sustain that type of movement and rhythm. WWE wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior you might even remember as when you were a kid used to be the biggest men on the planet. Just abnormally huge. And the reason for this is is because the amount of training they would put on their body. A side effect to some of that would be apparent misuse of some anabolic compounds. Wrestling though it's not considered a real sport actually has the highest death before 40 of steroid users. So that's a very important factor to know before you start working out. It is if the steroids are actually worth a short life span. Now these wrestlers like I said after seven days a week of training for years and years build up such a mind muscle memory that they can sometimes get injured for a few months. and workout without any workouts in between then while they're healed again get right back into the shape they were in because of this, mind muscle memory. You don't lose it. You might lose the weight, you might lose the energy but you won't lose the ability to gain it back. So when looking at a exercise such as the clean, the squat or the deadlift you are going to want to make sure that you have the proper energy levels to do these. And you are going to want to make sure you pick a weight that's right for you. In squatting you are going to want to make sure that your neck is lined up in the middle of the bar. There are two lines on both sides. I would recommend you put your pinkies or your forefingers depending on how big your shoulders are on those lines. Once your hands are on those lines you are then going to pivot your feet about shoulder width apart and bend them so that they're not locked. You do not want to have them locked. You do not want to have them locked at any time in this exercise. Once you are comfortable with the weight, you are comfortable with your feet, and you are comfortable with your arms you are then going to go ahead and go into a 45 degree angle with your body. You are going to bend your knees and your hips. You are going to make sure you keep your head looking straight up and you are going to make sure that you keep your back straight. You do not want to hunch over forward or hunch over backward. If you start to shake at all during any of these exercises that's a clear example of you have too much weight. Take some of that weight off and try it again. We'll put you back up to that weight soon, I promise. The next exercise is the clean. The clean is a very effective for explosiveness. Explosiveness for wrestlers is imperative. Whether it's after they just got knocked on their back or they just got slammed. The clean allows you to pick up weight from the floor and wrest it on your hips with just your shoulders. You then take your shoulders and your triceps and you clean it all the way up to your chest. Once you do that you then drop your arms back down in a neutral position almost as if they're locked but still bent. And then you repeat this pattern for about 15 sets of a weight that you can do comfortably. Deadlifts are one of the most important exercises of all for these wrestlers. Deadlifts incorporate exactly how it speaks. It's picking up weight or lifting weight that has no energy upon itself. So it's dead to the ground. You have to exert all the forces that's going to be necessary to pick it up. Deadlifts are very key for explosiveness training, lower back training, shoulder training, and not to mention every other muscle in your body as a secondary muscle when doing this exercise. To do it right means that you will not have any back pain during the middle or ending of each set, or rep. And also that when you bring your the weight all the way up that you are not light headed. You do not want to be out of breath or about to pass out. If you are you need to notify somebody and you need to sit down immediately. And those are some exercises that WWE wrestlers use. Have a good day.


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