Moms Who Give Back: Helping Kids Learn to Love Latino Literature

Monica Olivera talks about her life as a mother and the co-founder and publisher of Latinas for Latino Literature, an organization devoted to increasing access to Latino literature.

Video Transcript

My name is Monica I’m a blogger and I’m very passionate about Latino Children’s Literacy and providing resources for families. Okay. I’m a mother of two and I’m very involved with my kids’ education. The writer of this, Alma Flor Ada, she has written so many wonderful stories, she wrote Tales our Abuelitas Told Us. Being a mom is just hard work, you know, I mean there’s so much that happens when you’re a mom, you’re doing so much all the time, your job is to raise happy healthy kids and that’s not easy, I mean honestly I think being a mother should be the most revered job in the world. Would you wear that hat? Well I’d definitely wear the hat but I also like the shirt – jacket – with the white. Mmhmm. I want my children to grow up to experience a little bit of culture to understand that people are people no matter what language they speak or what they look like. In some ways they only get to experience it through the books that we have. I hope you liked it as much as I did when my grandmother told it to me, and boy do I like it. I think every mom has the ability to do something extraordinary; they just have to find what it is they’re passionate about and I’m lucky I found what I really care about. I am a co-founder of Latinas 4 Latino Literature is an organization that’s dedicated to helping Latino families find the resources that they need to become literate. Our job is to help promote Latino Authors and Illustrators and put their work into the hands of our community. Hi this is Monica, yes it’s nice to talk to you, how are you today? Everybody needs a role model, you know, and that’s why it’s so important that we have Latino Children’s Literature because I think our kids need role models that they can look up to. Our kids need to see their culture and their everyday lives reflected in the books that they’re reading because it inspires them to create and live out their own stories. If there’s something that you’re really excited about go ahead and let us know that you’re interested in it. Every kid has the ability to grow up to be someone great and it’s a matter of knowing you can and to find out what’s the great thing that you want to do. My work with the Latino community is my way of honoring my great-grandmother’s memory; she was a very powerful figure in my childhood. She really cared about people and loved people and that’s probably the biggest thing I remember about her. This is my way of trying to give back.

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