How to Make Spaghetti Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes

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There are few treats that are quite as tasty as spaghetti sauce made from fresh tomatoes. Make spaghetti sauce from fresh tomatoes with help from the Director of Culinary Operations for Guckenheimer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Larry Leibowitz Director of Culinary Operations for Guckenheimer. Today, I'm going to show you how to make spaghetti sauce from fresh tomatoes. Here's what you need, Roma tomatoes, basil, onion and garlic. My first step is to prepare the tomatoes. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take the stem out of the tomato and then I'm going to score the underside making an X. As you can see, I got an X on the bottom and I've removed the stem piece of the tomato. I'm going to continue that with all of these. I'm going to add the tomatoes in to the boiling water. I'm going to do them in probably three batches so I don't crowd the pan. No more than ten tomatoes at a time. I'm going to leave these in the boiling water for about eighteen to twenty-five seconds. So after eighteen seconds, I'm going to check one by dipping in to the ice water. What that's going to do is it's going to allow the skin to peel off easily as you can see. So transferring the tomatoes to the ice water and I'm going to proceed with my next batch. Now the tomatoes have come out of the ice water, I'm going to take my paring knife and just peel off that skin. As you can see, it comes off rather easily and the tomato still stays in tact. Okay, now the tomatoes are peeled, next step is to cut them and take the seeds out. So I'm just going to slice them down in half. Taking a spoon, I'm going to hollow out the inner seed area reserving just the flesh of the tomato. Okay. So now that the seeds are all out of the tomato, I have my flesh. I'm going to start off with my onion. I'm going to dice that. So I'm going to take the spout end of the onion, remove that piece. So now the onion has a flat base to stand on. I'm going to cut right through that root end keeping that root end in tact. I'm going to peel off that papery skin. We'll lay half the onion flat side down on my cutting board and with a series of slices, I'm going to go straight down to the cutting board two thirds of the way back keeping the onion in tact with that root end holding it. Using my guiding hand with my knuckle bent, it's going to guide the knife blade. After I have my series of slices, I'm going to do one horizontal cut, again going two thirds of the way back so I don't piece through that root end holding it in tact. So now the onion is completely held together by that root end and I'm going to make another series of cuts going straight down to the cutting board. This is going to give me a small dice. That's my diced onion. Now I'm going to start off with my garlic. I'm going to take my whole clove. I'm just going to pound the top of it until the garlic clove separate. Easy trick to getting the garlic out from the paper skin, take your side edge of your blade of your knife, one quick tap will loosen it up, allow you to peel that garlic clove. Going to repeat this for all the garlic. Okay, so now for my garlic here, so I'm just going to begin to rock my knife blade cutting slices. So this is four cloves of garlic. Then I'm going to take my basil. Got two bunches of basil here. I'm going to separate the leaves from the stem. I'm going to stack it up and then I'm going to roll the basil so that it's a nice tight bunch. Using my knife. And the last step is to take our tomatoes that we've already taken the seeds out of and do a dice on them. I'm going to cut those in halve. So now we're on to cooking the sauce. I got my pan heating up. I'm gong to take some extra virgin olive oil, add about a tablespoon and a half in the pan. Wait for that to shimmer and then I'm going to add my onions. Add a pinch of salt. Now lower my heat down to medium. Now what I'm looking for is I'm looking for my onions to turn translucent. Another twenty seconds or so. And I'm going to cook that garlic until it becomes fragrant until you can smell it in the air. Another five more seconds. Now I'm going to add the tomatoes to the pan. Set the flame to low. I'm going to cover it and let it cook for forty-five minutes. And that's our recipe for spaghetti sauce from fresh summer tomatoes. How you enjoy. Thanks for joining us.


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