How to Make Vinegar Pepper Sauce to Put on Turnip Greens

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A classic side dish from the south is braised turnip greens. Make vinegar pepper sauce to put on braised turnip greens with help from the Director of Culinary Operations for Guckenheimer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Larry Leibowitz, director of culinary operations for Guckenheimer. Today, I'm going to show you how to make pepper vinegar sauce to put on turnip greens. A classic side dish from the south is braised turnip greens usually with some bacon and onions. I've made that here earlier and today I'm going to show you how to make the pepper vinegar condiment that goes on top. First you're going to start off with white vinegar and sugar. You're going to heat that up. For every two cups of white vinegar, going to add one teaspoon of sugar, just plain granulated white sugar. And then I'm going to take that and warm that up until the sugar's dissolved. Here I have a selection of hot peppers from the Farmers Market. Any selection will do but I do advise you to wear some gloves before handling them. For some of the larger peppers like these Fresno chilies and green jalapenos, I'm going to take some slices, making sure that they're small enough to fit inside the jar or bottle that you're using. In this case I'm using an oil or vinegar cruet. Going to take these slices of pepper, push those through and then I'm going to mix it up with some of these small chili peppers and I'm just going to put them whole. First I like to just poke them with an end of a knife to expose some of the internal, to expose some of the juices. I try to use a variety of different peppers, because I think it's really a good appeal once they're ground and in the bottle. When you present this on your table, I love seeing the colors between the red and the green. And once I start getting to the top you're going to notice it's harder to poke them through, so what I do is I just take some simple chop sticks to help push them down through the neck of the bottle. Now that I've filled up the bottle with the peppers, I'm now going to transfer that vinegar sauce. Take my vinegar and sugar, I like to pour it off into a separate container so I can control it as I'm pouring it into the canister or into the cruet. Take a simple funnel here with my warm vinegar solution, at this point now I have a pourer top that I can position right on top of the cruet. I'm going to refrigerate this for 48 hours being careful to keep it in the refrigerator when not in use. I hope you enjoyed this simple and easy way to make pepper vinegar sauce for your turnip greens.


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