Trimming a Girl's Sideburns

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Trimming a girl's sideburns is something that you can do with a regular pair of scissors. Trim a girl's sideburns with help from a New York City-born hair and makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm T. Cooper. I'm a New York City makeup artist, hair stylist and co-founder of beauty and grooming company Metro Look. Today, we're going to talk about trimming a girl's sideburns. Now I know people think sideburns are just a guy's thing, but a lot of females do have sideburns. I have them too, mine go like all the way right there. When I was younger my brothers used to call me wolf. That was so mean, right? But if you want to, I'm fine with it by now but if you want to trim your sideburns you absolutely can. And I find the best way to do it is with a pair of shears because if you use actual clippers like a guy, it will create a really definitive line and it will draw attention to it. You just want it to look gradual. So what you would do is you would just go in to the side and where your sideburns are, especially if they're kind of long, you just cut them. And point cutting pretty much means, I'm going to turn her to the side you can see what I'm doing. Point cutting just means you actually just go in just like this from a vertical angle. So her sideburns aren't that long but we're just going to trim them up just a little bit. So you just go in, point cut it so it's a little shorter and they're not like all the way down there. And then you're all set. And now she looks pretty much normal. Not to say that she didn't before and it's not a really noticeable difference as if you went in with a pair of clippers and made a harsh line. You just point cut it just to make them a little bit shorter. As short as you would like and then you're all set. I'm T. Cooper, thank you for watching. Bye.


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