How to Unlock iPhone 4 for Sprint

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Unlocking an iPhone 4 for Sprint requires you to know more about the CDMA-style carrier. Unlock an iPhone 4 for Sprint with help from an Apple retail expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Skylar. Let's say you've got a CDMAI phone, one that was made for, perhaps, Verizon and you want to unlock it for use on Sprints network, which is also CDMA. Well, let's talk about one thing first. I'm gonna press my home button and slide to unlock, just so that I can go to settings, and from settings, I wanna go to general. Under general, tap about and scroll down a little bit. Ya know, on my phone, we see carrier, AT&T, we see the model number, the serial number, down here are the IMEI and ICCiD. Every iPhone has these numbers and those are unique identifying numbers that say that this phone is this phone and no other. Now, when a full, when a phone is purchased by Sprint in order to be used on their network and then sold to a customer, the IMEI of that phone is added to the general pool of IMEI's that can access Sprint's network. Now, since this is an iPhone that was sold on AT&T's network, that IMEI was never added to the pool for Sprint. The same thing would be true as if I bought one, if I, for Verizon, that IMEI would've never have been added to Sprint's pool. So, while I might be able to unlock my phone to use on a different network than the one that it was purchased to be used upon, I wouldn't just be able to connect to Sprint's network, unless they added that IMEI to their pool, so, I'd have to speak directly to Sprint, maybe by going to an authorized reseller, or a, an official, corporate store in order to see if they would allow me to do that. From my experience with customers in the past, it's not always a yes, but, now that you're under that knowledge, it'll make it a little bit easier for you to go and find out the answer. Thanks for watching. I'm Skylar.


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