Early Morning Kundalini Yoga Poses

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Early morning Kundalini Yoga poses can be done before you even get out of bed. Do early morning Kundalini Yoga poses with help from an experienced Yoga professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lola at Yoga Lola Studios, thank you for joining us here today for some quick and easy exercises for your busy body. What we are about to do, is a Kundalini morning set, that you can actually do before you even get out of bed, to just kind of get your day started off in the right way. And I like to open this with prayer, so to speak, where you bring your hands together and you say, I call on my higher self to bring me from darkness to light. Or, if you want to say the same thing in another language, it's Aum Namo Gurudev Namo. And you say it three times and it just kind of connects you to a really great protective energy to get yourself started in the morning. It's also done, each of these exercises are also done with a breath that's called "breath of fire". And I'll give you a real quick demonstration of it here, but if it seems too complicated, just do slow, deep breathing. With breath of fire, you inhale in through the nose, the stomach expands, exhale out through the nose. And you do it kind of quickly, so. But if that seems too difficult to do, then just go to slow, deep breathing, which is inhaling in through the nose, exhaling out. Alright, this is a great line up of wake up exercises. The first thing we do, is called stretch pose. So, bringing the legs out straight, you just, you may be on your back, if you're still in bed, but you come into a prone position. You raise the arms up, the head and the chest and the feet, the eyes are focused at the toes. And if you can do "breath of fire", do "breath of fire" here, if not, slow, deep breathing. To end the exercise, inhale, exhale, and release down. You can do that exercise for one to two minutes, just as long as it takes you to get your blood to moving. The next exercise we're going to do, really helps you wake up all the internal organs. So, bringing your feet flat to the floor, first, bring in your right knee and then, your left knees. Then, I'm going to raise up my chest and my chin and my head, as though I'm trying to put my nose in between my knees. Holding this with breath of fire, or slow, deep breathing, inhaling deep, exhaling and then, releasing down. That exercise is really good also, if you have any gas on your stomach. So, fair warning, it's also known as "wind breaking pose". So, we're going to rock and roll a couple of times on our spine, if this is too hard for you to do, you can just turn to the side and push up, like so, inhaling, exhaling, back. And coming up into a sitting position. This will be our last exercise, it's known as Ego Eradicator, and what it does, is it really strengthens the electromagnetics in the body. It wakes you up, makes you light and bright, it's a great way to start the day. With this particular exercise, you bring the fingertips to the front part of the palm. So, you're not down like this, the hands are up like that. The thumbs are nice and strong and you bring the arms out, I guess, this is about 90. You tuck the chin down, inhaling in deep, exhaling out. And if you can't do the breath of fire, you do this exercise with breath of fire for two minutes, and inhaling deep. Then, to bring the thumbs up over the head, touch them together, release the fingers and just sweep away any darkness or negativity or cobwebs that you have, just make that area around you light and bright. Then, just bring the hands into Gyan Mudra, where the index and the thumb touch, inhale in deep, exhale out. And you can close your set by saying Satnam, which means truth is my identity, to yourself three times. So, Satnam, and you're done, you're ready to have a beautiful, wonderful, perfect day. So, I'll say, Satnam to you and thank you for joining us, see you next time.


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