How to Do Medusa Makeup

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Medusa is an evil creature out of Greek mythology. Do Medusa makeup with help from an experienced makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome, class, to Meganomics 101. Today's makeup vice is how to do Medusa makeup. This is my little sister, Gabby, and we're going to get started because class is in session. I'm going to use Belletto air brush makeup for this whole thing because we're going to do some quick, fast and easy. So you can use any color. Any medium. Like watercolor makeup, cream makeup, air brush makeup, but I'm starting here because this color matches perfect to the little snakies that we made. Just threw these in her hair really quick. Just cover the face. And you can use any color. Gray, be creative. Medusa can just be whatever your mind says it is. And Medusa today is green. Next I'm going to take the color peacock and I'm going to get in to the creases. And I'm not only going to use this for a change of color and a contrast, but I'm going to use this to contour her face. Now I'm going to take a very dark funky blue called blue dream by Belletto Studio of course and put it in my gun. And now I'm going to grab my favorite pair of fishnet stockings. So what I'm going to do, I have a plan to just do the strips above her eyes. So under her eyebrows and just like in a triangle. And take off the fishnets. See and it gives this snake like quality. And you can get real creative with this, making different colors and different tones. Now we're going to focus on her eyes. I like to use a lot of contrast. We already started with the greens and the blues and I'm going to take this cream shadow Maybelline 24 tattoo color and just very quickly, close your eyes. So now I want to create just a little bit more drama in the eyes. Close your eyes. Just giving some darker tones in the crease. Taking like a golden black. You could use just a regular black. You could use a darker peacock green. This is where you can get even more creative just in the eye area. And eyeliner. You always have to have eyeliner. Starting very small and bringing it out in a cat eye. And this is the best contrast of it all. It's a Ben Nye orangey red all over the lip. All right for me this is a cool look. But there's something missing. I need some more contour here. I need just something to make her look a little more refined, regal, like I've been living in a cave for a thousand years type of look. So I'm going to come in with just like a very dark black grayish color and use that for the contour. A girl needs some blush. Girl can't go nowhere without blush. A good blush. And again using that same contrast. We're making Cindy Lopper Medusa here today guys. But it looks fun. So this is a very quick, fun colorful Medusa makeup idea. These were just pieces of wire with ribbon wrapped around then. No frills, no fuss. Hopefully you can take some of the tips and use it for whatever you want to use it for. Class dismissed.


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