How to Put on Vampire Makeup

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Putting on vampire makeup is all about capturing the spirit of the undead. Put on vampire makeup with help from an experienced makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome class to Meganomics 101. Today's makeup advice lesson is on how to do a vampire makeup. We got Carmen up in here and we're about ready to get undead. Let's get started because class is in session. OK. So I'm just going to turn this on high. I don't need to focus on the eyes I just need to focus on the skin. Like I was saying the vampire today is not white. She is pale. So I'm going to move in and you can do this with the airbrush you can do it with cream, you can do it with whatever but I have a great clay rose type of color for the contour. We're just going to cut in to her cheeks. Cut in to her cheeks. And create a more gaunt sorry. I'm trying to hurt her. From our childhood. Next you're going to take red tones, gold tones. I'm going to use Makeup Forever and Maybelline. Close your eyes. And quickly and messily just to show you that this is very effective even if you're making a mess or if you don't know really what you're doing or you're not comfortable. It's just makeup. Make a mess, you can take it off. Experiment. And for the crease, for the contour, I'm going to use the red right in to the orbital bone. So we've already kind of established some depth inside her orbital bone that her eyes are a little more sunken in but with using these colors there's still something sexy about it it's still something alluring and not just completely dead. And you're going to take a liquid, a gel, a pencil and I'm going to start real small and like a very tight triangle that I'm making and just go up to make a really good cat eye. Open. Yeah. Close. And then of course you're going to go in and make it flawless, fix the lines. Everything. And get in the lash line as much as possible. OK. And just be mindful of the symmetry and when you have a lot of time you can take a step back. If you're doing this on yourself keep taking a step back, get a mirror up close. Look up. So that you can match it up and make sure that they're symmetrical. And the lash line. Connect them. So something kind of like this. Of course if you have more time you'll be able to make this look perfect. Add on some lashes, mascara, curl, everything like that. Then you're going to want to come in with a nice burgundy lip tone, lip liner, lipstick. I'm using a crayon. This is actually more of a purply wine tone. Get in there. Course you'll be a little more precise than I'm being. Take a little more care. And for your final touch, you have to have blood. I like to use Ben Nye's thick blood. If you use a liquidy blood it will drip, it will wear. This one is more like a gel. So that was a quick how to do a vampire makeup tutorial. I hope you got something from it. Class dismissed.


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