Removing Excessive Salt

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Removing excessive salt is actually a great way to make your diet much more healthy and balanced. Remove excessive salt with help from a wellness educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everybody, my name is Liza Pitsirilos from Ambrosia Lifestyle. I am an experiential wellness educator and coach and I help people to make life transitions so that they feel more empowered in their everyday life. Today's topic that we're going to talk about is removing excessive salt. Now this may seem like an obvious solution to a problem right, just stop using salt but according to The American Heart Association, they recommend about 1,500 mgs. of salt per day and the average American is eating or consuming foods at 3,000 mgs. per day and this leads to increased heart failure and disease. So here are a few helpful tips that can help you reduce the sodium intake in your everyday life. The first one is learn to taste foods in their natural form. What this means is before you reach for some salt to put on the foot, taste it. There's different sodium contents per vegetable and one of the higher sodium content ones is celery for example. The second tip is learn to read food labels. So when you purchase a processed food if you look on the back of the label for the sodium content, you really want to make sure that the sodium content is no higher than the calorie content. That's a good rule of thumb. Tip three is cook at home and when you cook at home you know how much salt is going into the food. In fact when you are cooking with any recipes, try to half the amount of sodium or salt that you are putting into the recipes. The fourth tip is start to evaluate your seasonings. So for example your seasonings like bouillon right, the flavoring for soup stocks for example have a lot of sodium so take a look at those and study how much sodium is going into them and again reduce the amount of it or find a brand that uses less sodium for it. My name is Liza Pitsirilos and thanks for tuning in to how to remove excessive salt.


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