Paving Stone & River Rock Landscape Pattern Ideas

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Prefabricated landscape stepping stones can typically be found in any home center in your area. Learn about paving stone and river rock landscape patterns with help from a landscape designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Thomas Lowe and I'm a landscape designer in Atlanta, Georgia and today I will be giving you some tips on pave stone and river rock landscape pattern ideas. First of all talking about some of the pave stone landscape pattern ideas. There are prefabricated landscape stepping stones that you buy in your home centers. These come in gray, brown and red and sometimes a few other colors. Now one pattern is you can do a checkerboard pattern and the checkerboard pattern what you have is 2 stepping stones that start out this way and come back in with another that is just a checkerboard pattern. Now the, the other open slot you can do the red or tan to create a true checkerboard pattern or you can fill in with ground cover or even grass for that matter so that you have a checkerboard paver in the grass or in ground cover or in gravel or mulch. Also, there are the actual pavers. These are more stepping stone. This is more of a paver type. Now pavers you can have an edge starting out and alternate these in between and have a running bond pattern or a basket weave type pattern. Also when you're gonna do landscape pattern ideas with river rock there aren't a large variety of different colors. There's only maybe a dozen to 15 different colors at the most of decorative gravel or landscape river rock colors. So what you could do is start off with one color and do a transition design where you have the colors going from a brown blending into a brownish-gray blending into more of a gray into a grayish white to a white and also what you can do is create swirls or curves with different types of gravel and with that type of design pattern I would recommend going in and laying a garden hose or string onto the ground in the shape of the curve or swirl that you would want and then filling inside that swirl what color you would like, a combination of tan and gray, red marble chips with or white marble chips with red lava rock. There are whatever types of hues that you would want to use. Also, there is a basket weave pattern as well as a running bond pattern in some of the pavers as well. I hope these have been some helpful tips, have a great day. My name is Thomas Lowe and I'm a landscape designer in Atlanta, Georgia.


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