How to Make a Fancy Fruit Salad

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Making a fancy fruit salad is a great opportunity to use no less than three different types of berries. Make a fancy fruit salad with help from a Los Angeles-based personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jamie Levine from, and today I'm going to show you how to make a fancy fruit salad. So you are going to want to go ahead and get any assortment of your favorite fruits. I'm going with three different types of berries today. They are absolutely delicious this time of year. And I just think that they look wonderful together. So raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. With the raspberries and the blackberries I'm just going to go ahead and leave them whole. They look beautiful. They fit at the end of a fork perfectly. But with the strawberries since they are larger I'm going to go ahead and cut them up into a couple of different ways. So you are going to just have fun with it. I like to for some of them just quarter them like so. Just make them a little smaller and prettier. And then for others just give them a nice slice. I think that they just look gorgeous like that. Next I'm going to go ahead and put all of them into a big bowl, a big mixing bowl. And then to make this extra fancy I have two things I like to add in. First is some lemon infused simple syrup. I bought this at the store. You can find this at specialty stores. Or you can always just make your own. But I'm going to go and just give a little bit of a toss. You don't want much because the berries are sweet on their own. And you do want to taste the berries. You don't want to taste the simple syrup. You also just don't want sugar shock. And the next thing is some vanilla extract just a little bit also. And again you don't want to take away from the flavors of the berries themselves. So that's my bowl. And mint, mint is awesome. It highlights the flavor of the berries but you also get the mint flavor that just comes through. It goes wonderful together. And it really just makes it a little more fancy. So for the mint I'm going to go and I'm going to do what's called a chiffonade which is basically just tiny ribbons. And in order to do so I have some mint leaves. I took them off the stem, stacked them like so. Going to give them a roll. And then just with my knife go ahead and slice them into tiny ribbons. Just like so. Just toss those all in with the berries. And then last thing just a little bit of salt. I'm using kosher salt. Sea salt would be good too, table salt. Whatever you have on hand. And just give them a little sprinkling because salt is just a nice addition. It's really going to just bring out the flavors of everything. And next I'm going to go and using a rubber spatula because I don't want to use anything that's metal. Because I don't want to break up the berries too much. Rubber spatulas are really gentle. Give them a quick toss. And they are all ready. So to go ahead and plate them I have these cute little mason jars and this vintage plate. And I just think it gives it a little bit of a fancier look. So I'm going to go ahead use a spoon. Make sure you get all different kinds of berries in there. Some of the mint. Just stack that to the top. And you can go ahead and garnish with some whipped cream. Some cinnamon. I'm just going to do a little sprig of mint. The kind of cliche garnish. And there you have it, a fancy fruit salad. I'm chef Jamie Levine, thank you for watching.


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