List of Role Playing Games to Teach Kids About Respect

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Role playing games have great parallels to real world lessons like courage and respect. Get a list of role playing games that you can use to teach kids about respect with help from a former family case worker for CPS in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christina with And today, we're going to talk about a list of role playing activities to teach your child about respect. This is as easy as it sounds, engage your child, communicate with them and pretend to be someone else to encourage empathy. While communicating to your child about bullying or respecting their teacher or befriending people around them who look like they're struggling to make friends and set in. Empathy is developed by putting yourself in another's shoes. One idea for role playing is pretending to be your child's teacher and have your child pretend to be someone else. Or, they could pretend to be themselves in a different circumstance that they have not experienced yet. Engage your child in conversation in how to respect your teacher in a difficult circumstance. Maybe the child has done something that's out of line, or maybe the teacher has even done something that the child didn't appreciate. Encourage the child to respect the position of the teacher, even when they disagree. Another idea for role playing with your child, is as the parent, you can pretend to be someone who does something unkind to another child. And your child can pretend to be that child who had the unkind action done to them. Encourage your child to think of how it would feel like to be that child who had an unkind action or word done to them. And ask your child what they would like done, if there was a bystander watching them. And encourage your child to be that person, asking them questions of, how would that make you feel and what would you wish others would want done to you, if you were in that circumstance? Ideas like role playing are great ways to encourage your child to respect the personhood of others, and also show them kindness in difficult circumstances. Thanks so much for watching, my name's Christina and today, we talked about a list of role playing ideas with your child.


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