Crispy, Southern-Fried Chicken Batter Tenders

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Crispy, southern-fried chicken batter tenders are a great spin on traditional southern fried chicken. Make crispy, southern-fried chicken batter tenders with help from a longtime culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm John McLemore with Masterbuilt and the author of "DADGUM That's Good!" You know, there's no more favorite recipe to me than my mama's Southern fried chicken. We call it Meemaw's Southern fried chicken in the DADGUM That's Good! cookbooks. And I'm telling you, people love this recipe because it's got that great crisp, and we're just going to change it up today, by using chicken tenders instead of regular chicken parts. The recipe is very simple, we're going to start out with some kosher salt and pepper, that we're going to season the chicken strips with, buttermilk and self-rising flour. Blend all that together and we're going to deep fry it, we've got our fryer set at 375 degrees. So, let's get started. Now, the first thing you want to do, is season with salt and pepper, your chicken strips. So, today, we're using kosher salt, but you can use regular salt as well. I want to give these a quick turn, o.k., salt them on the other side. O.k., now, we've got the salt and pepper onto the chicken strips, so we're going to transfer our buttermilk to a medium size bowl and place all the chicken strips down into the buttermilk. Now, you can actually soak these overnight in buttermilk, if you'd like but if you're like me, around the McLemore house, we are always in a hurry, so it's fine just to soak them for a few minutes. Now, I'm going to take the self rising flour, transfer that to an aluminum disposable tray. And take each chicken strip and coat them completely with the self rising flour. We're going to do about six strips at one time and completely coat both sides of the chicken. Now, here is a good, quick tip, we're going to place them into our basket. And you want to make sure that your basket is already coated, just dip it down into the oil slightly. So that when you put the chicken strips in there, they don't stick to the basket. So, place them in, again, five or six strips at a time, don't overcrowd and never stack chicken strips going in, they should all lay nicely on the bottom. And one thing I always recommend that you do, is you use a protective glove when you are lowering any type of food down into hot oil from the steam. It just make sit a little more protective, and a little more comfortable. We're going to close that lid and let those fry up, until they're golden brown. We've been eight minutes into the chicken tenders and I believe they are done. Now, the timing is all different, it depends on the size of your chicken or chicken tenders. And with these, we've got a nice golden brown, we'll let them drain there for a second, a nice golden brown look. Because of this size, we only cook them for eight minutes. You can cook them longer or shorter, again, depending on the thickness. Let those drain, pour them out and I'm going to show you why these chicken tenders are truly a Southern fried dish. You just take Meemaw's Southern fried chicken recipe, substitute with some chicken fingers. And you will get DADGUM Good results. I'm John McLemore, and that's going to be another great recipe.


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