Exercise to Reduce Butt Size

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Exercises to reduce butt size include the classic lunges and squats, among others. Exercise to reduce butt size with help from a distinguished fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Ashley Mitchell. I'm an NYC trainer here at Ken Fitzgerald's Lift Gym filming for eHow.com, and today's topic is how to reduce your butt size which is what every person needs. I firmly believe that the best way you can reduce your butt size are lunges and squats. There are many variations for both types but regardless you want to think about proper form and alignment. Your abs are being engaged, they are nice and tight, shoulders are retracted, chest is up and out. Let's go ahead and start with a basic lunge. You want to go ahead and take it forward, making sure your knee does not exceed your foot, taking it back, really pushing off your heel. Go ahead and add bicurls to it if that feels good for your body. Once you've done about 12 to 15 reps of lunges, you can go ahead and go into your squats. There are many variations. You can start off with the closed stance squat, feet are together and you want to take it down, slow count of four or five, one, two, three, four and really pushing off your heels to go up and let's go ahead and take it down to the mats. So in addition to squats and lunges, I love doing these. You want to make sure your hands are right below your shoulders and feet are about shoulder width apart and what we're first doing is we're taking our leg out to the side, 90 degrees out, feet are flexed, take it down and you want to go ahead and release your neck. Once you've done about 12 to 15 repetitions of these you want to take it up, flexing your foot out as far as you can and back, taking it out, these are killer so prepare yourself for these. Once you've done 8 to 10 repetitions of these you can go ahead and switch sides and stretch it out with Child's Pose, nice and long for about 30 seconds to really release all your muscle tendons. Once you feel like you are ready for some more exercises, you can go ahead and lie flat down going into Supermans which does work your lower back as well but your glutes are working tremendously with these, releasing your neck, taking it up, exhaling and down and squeezing your glutes and take it down, and up and down. And once you've done about 15 repetitions of these, you can go ahead and flip over for some bridgework. Feet are shoulder width apart, arms are flat, you want to thrust your hips up, squeezing your abs, squeezing your flutes, slowly releasing it down and if that is not enough, you can always go to donkey kicks, which in my own opinion doing all of these exercises is more than enough but if you are just starting out this is great to just get the blood flowing and abs are always activated and your glutes are always working. Thank you for joining us for reducing your butt size. Hopefully you have a strong foundation for helping you not feel so guilty about that extra brownie you had during dinnertime and if you want to find out more about me go and visit my website at www.liftyourwaytofit.com and see you soon.


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