Steak Recipes Using a Cast Iron Skillet

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Cast iron skillets are typically made out of straight iron. Get steak recipes using a cast iron skillet with help from an experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. I'm Matt Christianson from Urban Farmer Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, and today we're going to be making a recipe using a cast iron skillet. Cast iron skillets are very heavy. They're made of straight iron. They need to be seasoned really well so that the product doesn't stick in them. But once they're seasoned they're your best friend. They hold heat really really well. So we've got this one really hot. What we're going to do today is we're going to make beef bourguignon. It's a quick version of it, it doesn't need to simmer very long because we're using a chuck tender. It's a very tender cut of meat coming from the shoulder. What we're going to start with is seasoning the meat liberally with salt and black pepper on both sides. Once it's seasoned we're going to toss it in just a little bit of flour. The flour not only is going to help it brown nicely but it's also going to help thicken the sauce later. And just a little bit on all sides. And that will go straight into the pan there. Hot canola oil, the pan recovers its temperature very very quickly because of its density, so everything browns in it at a very fast rate. Once the beefs started browning on all side, I've got the top and the bottom done, we're going to add some mushrooms to it. The mushrooms you'll want to caramelized as well. We can put those on the other side of the pan. Everything's very very evenly heated on this pan because of its thickness. And after the mushrooms brown we're going to add some carrots. I like to add the carrots first because they have a lot of sweetness and they will caramelize as well. The onions will go in last because they take the least amount of cooking. All these vegetables and the steak are creating a fond on the bottom. Basically meaning that there's a little bit sticking to the pan. So what we're going to do next after we add our onions here, is add a little bit of tomato paste. The tomato paste will stick to the bottom and caramelize along with all the rest of the vegetables. It's called pinsage. I'm going to pinsage the tomatoes, the paste. When that starts to darken we're going to add wine to it, Bourgignon. Hmm. I'm going to add some bourjois to it which will give it acid. As it's simmering we're going to add thyme and bay leaf. All this moisture is pulling that flavor from the caramelized meat off the bottom of the pan. The moisture's also simmering the vegetables to be a little bit tender cooking the beef the rest of the way through. We're going to add some beef stock. Bourjous is unfermented wine so you get the acid from the grape of the wine. But you don't get the alcohol burn. So since we've used a nice chuck tender as in a beautiful piece of meat, it doesn't have to simmer for very long. And just pull those flavors from the meat and have a beautiful little stew that we've made with all of our pan sauce. It's thickened nicely from a little bit of the flour that we had there. Finish it with a couple of fresh tomatoes and there we go. And this has been a recipe using a cast iron skillet. Thank you for watching.


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