How to Do a Spanish Hair Bun

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Spanish hair buns typically have a deep side part, among other elements. Do a Spanish hair bun with help from a New York City hair and makeup stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm T. Cooper, I'm a New York City make up artist, hairstylist and co-founder of Beauty and Grooming Company, Metro Look. So, a question one of you recently asked me was, how do I do a Spanish bun? I think they're so beautiful, those Spanish buns, and typically they have a deep side part. So, we're going to stay true to form there. So, what you're going to need is, either gel, or hairspray, or if you're that girl, you might want to use both. You're definitely going to need a brush to smooth out the hair, we're going to need a girl fashion hair tie, and it wouldn't be a Spanish bun without a flower. So, let's get started. First thing we're going to do, I'm going to opt for hairspray, I'm just going to spray the hair, so it'll kind of listen to me when I tell it what to do. Then, I'm going to go in with a comb, and I'm going to do a deep side part. O.k., so, now that I've got my part in place, I'm going to swoop this hair over, because a lot of them do that. And then, I'm going to slick over the other side, I'm going to turn her to the side. And you want to make sure you get all those little baby hairs, this is a very, very sleek ponytail. So, now that you have your swoop in place, you can kind of like tug at it, play with it, see if it's that what you wanted. We're going to do the ponytail off to the side, because often that's how it's done. So, I'm smoothing this over, and you can pick either sides you want, but I just want to do it on this side. And then, we're going to secure the hair into a ponytail. So, now that my bun's in place, sleeking it down, making sure it looks how I want it to look. Because this is pretty much the base of your hairstyle, and if you don't like it, you're here, because you're stuck with it. So, now, as almost always, I'm just combing through this and I'm going to take a section of her hair. And I'm going to wrap it around the base of her ponytail and then, I'm going to pin it. So, I'm grabbing a, I'm grabbing a bobby pin, pinning this around the base, so that you don't see it. Because we never really want to see the hair ties, that's not cool. So, now that we have this, we're going to make a bun, I'm going to it a chignon style, I'm just going to roll it up and then, pin it, pin it to the base. So, I'm going to grab some bobby pins and then, I'm going to pin it in place, I'm going to do one on each side. So, now we're just going to pull it and tug at it, now, it looks like a gorgeous bun. And then, we come in with our flower. So, I'm going to place the flower right here in front of the bun, and this is actually a flower from a craft store, it wasn't even a hair accessory. So, you can get your own flower, if you can't find a flower in a beauty supply, you can just get any flower and then, just place it there. Now, I'm just give her hair one final spray, and she is ready to Flamenco dance, olé. I'm T. Cooper, and thank you for watching.


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