How to Clean a Felt Hat

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Cleaning a felt hat is something that you do both outside and inside for the best possible results. Clean a felt hat with help from a fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Eric Watson at Watson's Hat Shop in historical Cave Creek, Arizona. Here at Watson's Hat Shop we make fine tailored custom hats to any style. Today I'm going to show you how to clean a genuine fur felt hat. The first step that we do, because we have a lot of ranchers and cowboys that really wear these hats, we take them outside and we want to clean as much dust off of them as we can. Then from there we bring them back inside, we use steam, moisture and a series of techniques with different brushes, to actually clean the dirt out of the felt. We want to get deep down into the felt as best as we can and just want to go with the nap of the hat so that we don't ruin the hat. And we don't use any chemicals at all because 120 years ago they didn't use chemicals to clean hats. They used pretty much natural processes and genuine fur felt hats, if they're really high quality, they do hold up really well and they clean up very well for a long time. So especially pure beaver fur felt, being the best, because of all the microscopic barbs that lock into each other during the felt making process, makes those hats one of the best hats that you can get. This one here is actually just regular genuine fur felt which is European hare rabbit fur felt and so it's still a decent hat but it's not as good as a pure beaver fur felt hat. So we want to take a cloth here, I have a, I call it a secret sauce, or a special solution. It's actually organic and so it's no chemical so it's not going to hurt anything at all. And we have a hat here and we just want to lightly apply this to the felt and we want to heat it up really hot with this steam iron here. And we just want to work it in so we have a nice beautiful natural finish on the felt. So now that we've used our special solution for the finish of the hat we're actually just going to steam it and brush it, just kind of work it in there a little bit into the felt. Open up the pores of the felt so that it just kind of holds in there and you can see that the hat is much cleaner and it has a nice finish on it just as it would of the day that it was bought. So that is exactly how to clean a felt hat. I'm Eric Watson, with Watson's Hat Shop. And remember, if you're unsure of anything about how to clean a hat, always consult a professional. Thank you and have a good day.


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