How to Decorate With Curly Willow Branches & Crystals

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You can decorate with curly willow branches and crystals in a large number of different ways depending on the room you're working in. Decorate with curly willow branches and crystal with help from a florist, interior decorator and party planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Magda from Bamboo for Flowers. And today, I'm going to show you how to decorate with curly willow branches and crystals. The materials that we're going to use are this cylinder, a cylinder glass, some crystals, some curly willow branches; you can pick white, brown, whatever color you like and some silk flowers. Okay. So, let's just start. First thing that we're going to do, we're going to fill this cylinder, you can use a cylinder, you can use a square vase, you can use any glass you want. In this case, let's do this idea. So, I already filled with the crystals the container; so, let's put the last ones that I have over here. Sorry for the noise. Let's just turn like this so it doesn't sound that much. Alright, let's readjust this. Then, we're going to take each of the branches, the curly willow branches and let's start to stick it into the vase. Stick it, okay, in whatever way you like it, just like that. Here's one, two, three, alright. If you go to any craft store or any store, the branches come in five branches. Okay. So, the tip that I'm going to show it to you in this case is the second branches comes with a rubber band. Just leave this rubber band on it so you're going to put this on the back, okay. So, see, give like a little bit more fill in the container; so you don't need to put each, but each, you just wrap all them together, the second branches and put it over there. Okay. After this is ready, so, I picked the hydrangea; I think the, the combination in between the marbles and the white branches with this green hydrangea is, looks really delicate and really elegant. So, always remember, when you go to the store, pick the silk flower that you can play with the stem. Okay. So, first, the, I already, you know, band the stem of this hydrangea and we're going to put this flower just over here, just like this, alright. So, you always want the flower face to the front. Okay. Let's put it out a little bit, adjust the branches, just like that. So, put the branches in front of the flower, so you show your flower with the container. So, see this is a very simple idea, very easy to do; you maybe have your container in your house, so just go to the store, buy the other supplies that you have, that you don't have in your house and let's just do it. So, I hope you enjoyed this little idea, very simple and see you next time.


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