Weight-Bearing Exercises for Seniors

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Weight-bearing exercises are really great for seniors to do for a couple of different interesting reasons. Find out about weight-bearing exercises for seniors with help from a celebrity peak performance coach and fitness minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, my name is Jay Jones, celebrity peak performance coach and fitness minister, and today I want to demonstrate just two weight bearing exercises for seniors. Now as we age our bodies go through what's called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia simply is the degeneration of muscle over time as we age. One of the best ways to reverse and to prevent sarcopenia is to simply use what God has given us. Use your temple and build your body, nice and strong even into your old age. So a little bit of something goes a long way, a little bit of something beats a whole lot of nothing when it comes to resistance training. So basically anything that our seniors can do to increase their muscle tone is beneficial, more walking, more gardening, going out and sweeping the driveway or the walkway in front of their home, anything that they can do to get their bodies moving. Today I'm going to use a medicine ball to simulate just two exercises that they can do. If you have a medicine ball, you can purchase one or if you don't have one, you can get one from any of your sporting good stores in your local community. So all we want to do is we want to take the ball, we want to pick it up from the ground and press it up. This is what we call a full functional exercise. Notice that when I get the ball, I'm not bending over because that's our typical mistake to help that lower back become constantly painful. So we want to take it and squat down, pick it up and then press it overhead. That's one move. The second move we want to place the medicine ball on the side of our foot. We want to pick it up and then reach as if we are reaching for a counter top, down, pick it up and reach as we are reaching for a counter top. We can do the exact same thing on the other side and reach as we reach for a counter top. These are functionally useful exercises, functionally useful exercises that will help the body stay strong and independent for many years to come. My name is Jay Jones, your peak performance coach and fitness minister and these are just a few exercises, few weight bearing exercises that seniors can do.


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