Uses of White Vinegar for Hair

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White vinegar has a number of great uses that can really help reinvigorate your hair. Find out about the uses of white vinegar for hair with help from the kitchen beautician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, welcome to the kitchen, I'm your kitchen beautician Robin McDonald. Today's video is how to use white wine vinegar in the hair? No matter what your goal is for your hair whether it's shine, enhance highlights, control an oily scalp, white wine vinegar is unmatched in it's antibacterial and clarifying properties, you're going to love it. So these, these treatments would be used in the shower between shampooing and conditioning so it's the final rinse we say, in the cleansing process of your hair. So you would definitely want to do this before you put your conditioner on. Now, in order to enhance shine in the hair take a half a cup, this is actually a cup in here of vinegar, but you're going to want to use a half a cup of vinegar and hot water, add about a half a cup of hot water to that, so you've got a half a cup of your white wine vinegar and a cup of hot water and steep 4 or 5 camomile tea bags into the solution, once it's cool enough to pour over your head, you know take it into the shower with you, I love this mixing cups that are shaped sort of like a beaker, they're easy to pour. Of course you don't want to use glass ever in the bathroom so you can easily find a plastic version of this which is much better to use in the bathroom. So that would be for enhancing shine in the hair. Now if you want to enhance your highlights you can add white wine vinegar to your shampoo so in this case you would only be using maybe 2 tablespoons per shampoo and just mix it up, pour it into your shampoo and rinse out completely and move on to your conditioning routine. The third step I really love is so active, it is probably one of the best remedies out there for controlling oily scalp and oily hair and to think you can throw together in your own kitchen for no money. Okay, you're going to just want to take a grader, I love these long handled ones and just, let's get a little bit of orange zest into a cup of vinegar, love that and lemon and you know, I love my citrus because of the antibacterial properties and the exfoliating properties, it's natural in citrus. I like to take a handy whisk always, just you know, you don't have to go crazy with this, just want to release the oils in the citrus and then take it into the shower with you again just like you did before, shampoo, maybe towel dry, blot the hair a little bit, pour this over, leave it on the scalp 5 to 10 minutes, the longer the better. It's going to stimulate the scalp a little bit, but that's fine, it's just doing it's job, rinse completely and move on to your conditioning treatment. You know it's amazing, you're going to find that when your using ingredients that you can make your own hair products with, that you're going to find that they're much more active and beneficial the the commercial formulas that are out there that still utilize a lot of sulfates and things that you absolutely don't need. So for a clean clarified lustrous buoyant hair reach for your white wine vinegar. Thanks again everyone. I'm Robin McDonald your kitchen beautician. Please visit me at And have a great day.


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