How to Do '50s Hairstyles for Long Hair


If you've got long hair, there are a couple of different 1950s hairstyles that you're going to want to know more about. Do 1950s hairstyles for long hair with help from a New York City-born hairstylist and makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is T. Cooper and I'm a New York City makeup artist and hairstylist. I'm also co-founder of beauty and grooming company, Metro Look. Today I'm going to show you how to do a 50s hairstyle for long hair. One of my favorite 50s girls is Brigitte Bardot and it was all about having a lot of volume up here and the hair down back here. So for this look you can use curly hair or straight hair. My model has natural wavy hair so I'm just going to go with that texture but if you want to be a little bit more true to form you can use a flatiron and straighten out the hair. For this look I'm just going to use hairspray, pomade which is optional, a comb for sectioning and bobby pins. So I'm going to get started by backcombing my model's hair. So we're going to backcomb about six times and give it a quick spray and we're going to do this all around the parameter of the hair because Brigit had all that awesome volume. Again, spray, backcomb about six times. You can spray before or after backcombing. It really doesn't make a difference. It's all up to preference. Sometimes I do it before, sometimes I do it after. Sometimes I do it before and after. I'm going to do one more section in the front just so I'll have a little bit more height at the crown, one, two, three, four, five six. So now, we just work the hair going backward and manipulate it and you can spray as you manipulate and pump up with your hands to create more height. So the next step is you take a section of hair right in front of the ears, you pull it back pretty tight, and you pin in place. I like to crisscross my pins just to make sure that they are nice and secure. And then you repeat this same step on the other side. Look at all that beautiful height we've got there. Take a section of hair and you crisscross your pins, just to secure it and then you take all the hair on top and you kind of like hide the pins and you can manipulate. You can even take your tail comb and create a little bit more height if you want because that was Brigit's deal, nice, sexy tall hair. Give it one final spray and then she's all done. I'm T. Cooper and I just showed you how to do a 1950s style with long hair.


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