Styling Straight Hair to Make It Full

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Straight hair can be styled in a very particular way to make it appear much more full than it has in the past. Find out about styling straight hair to make it full with help from a professional hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. I'm hairstylist, Amanda Shackleton from, and today I'm here to show you how to style straight hair to make it look fuller. You just need four things. You need a round vented brush, some hairspray, a blow dryer and some big clips like this. So what you want to do is you want to start by sectioning your hair into four equal sections with the part going straight back, sectioning the front section, sectioning the side section and two back sections. And then you want to work with each section separately. It makes it a little easier and you can be a little more organized when you are going to style your hair. So you want to take a section about a half an inch thick, nothing too big or you're not going to be able to get to the roots. I've already gone ahead and gave it a little bit of a hairspray and now I'm going to take my blow dryer with my round brush and I'm going to put the round brush right at the roots here. You really want to get that hair caught in the brush really nice and tightly and then you want to lift the hair up and just blow out the roots a little bit just like this. Once you've gotten the roots lifted a bit, then you can start bringing the hair down through the round brush. I like to use a nozzle because it really directs the heat to where it needs to go and heats up the brush and then go ahead and twirl the ends a few times. If you don't go ahead and give the ends a few twirls you're not going to get any body on the ends and that's really important. We want body at the roots and also at the ends. So once I've done that, I'm going to hold the hair up just like this, going to give it another shot of hairspray and then I'm going to let it down. What I usually do when I'm doing sections is once I've done one section, I don't like it to just sit there. I like to take it, twirl it around my fingers and then just secure it with the pin just like this. And this way when you are doing the rest of the hair, this is setting. You can do your makeup and then you can take the pins out and you're going to have a lot more body in your hair if you do it that way. It won't go flat as quickly. So then you just take your fingers, you just run it through and there you go. I'm Amanda Shackleton and I've just shown you how to style fine hair to make it look fuller.


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