What Do They Ask on a Life Insurance Physical?

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A life insurance physical is going to require you to answer a few specific questions. Find out what they ask on a life insurance physical with help from a certified financial planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Karen Lee. I'm a certified financial planner and the owner of Karen Lee and Associates and a registered representative with LPL Financial. Today, we're going to answer the question what do they ask on a life insurance physical. First thing they're going to start with is your clarifying information like your name, your birthday, your social security number, your address, where you live, how long you've lived there. They usually even ask where you were born. But the next thing and this is extensive is your health history. Everything from your height and your weight to every medical procedure you've had over the last ten years including just doctor office visits, all the way through surgeries and hospitalizations. So when you get ready to fill out an insurance application and do your physical, make sure you have the name, address and phone number for every doctor you've seen over the last ten years and name and address of any hospitals you've been a patient at during that time as well. They are going to want to know the dates of every procedure or office visit as well as the results of that visit, were medications prescribed, did you follow through and was everything normal afterwards. Next they're going to ask you about your variety of different behaviors. Let's start with smoking, they're going to ask specifically if you smoke cigarettes, pipes, tobaccos. They're going to ask how many alcoholic beverages you have in a week, as well as past or current drug use. The next thing they're going to talk about and ask you to identify is what they call risky behaviors. Some examples of these are riding motorcycles, especially if you race them, flying airplanes, scuba diving, parachuting and hand gliding. If you do any of those activities, expect to fill out a supplemental form describing exactly what you do. Typically, they're going to ask also about your travel plans and ask if you have any foreign travel planned. If you do, there is usually another form to fill out for that as well. Last but not least they will ask about your family history. They're going to want to know how old your parents are or the age they were when they were deceased and what they died of or their current state of health if they are still alive. They will ask the same question about siblings, so be prepared with your siblings ages and how you would rank their current health. That pretty much sums up all the things they ask in a life insurance physical. So we hope we answered your questions. My name is Karen Lee. I'm the owner of Karen Lee and Associates, a certified financial planner and a registered rep with LPL financial.


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