How Do I Plant Bougainvilleas?

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Planting bougainvilleas is a lot easier than most people seem to assume. Find out how to plant bougainvilleas with help from a gardening professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Nicholas Staddon, and today we're going to talk about how do I plant bougainvilleas. We plant them carefully. First thing with bougainvilleas is a pair of gloves. A lot of bougainvilleas have thorns. So you've gotta wear the right protection. The variety that we have today is called purple queen. She is absolutely stunning. She can either be grown as a bush or she could be grown as a stake plant, or as a patio tree. They're really very very versatile. Now with bougainvilleas, you can't treat them like other plants. They have a very very fibrous root system and they're always lightly rooted. So when you get the plant, turn the container up side down and gently remove it. It's pretty easy to do. Look at that great fibrous root system. Put your hand on the bottom of the bowl, carefully turn her over and gently down into the hole. It's like putting a baby to bed, you do it gently. Center her nicely. The hole is always about two and a half times of the root ball. You've got your mulch all prepared that you've mixed a little bit with your native soil. In she goes. Now while you're doing this, it's very important to put a little bit of slow release fertilizer in there as well. And this guarantees the plant to get all the nutrition it needs. A little bit more soil going in the hole. Now you'll also notice while I'm doing this I'm leaving a little bit of a well. It's important because bougainvilleas, even though they're very drought tolerant once established, like to be a little on the moist side when you first plant them. Doesn't she look gorgeous. In the warmer climates of America they do great in the ground. But if you're in the mid west or on the east coast, maybe Kansas City, you can have these as summer annuals. Then you'll have them on a container, on the patio with you. A little bit more fertilizer, she's absolutely loving this. Isn't she gorgeous. And it's as simple as that. This is Nicholas Staddon from Monrovia on how to plant a bougainvillea in your garden.


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