Barberry Bush Care

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Caring for a barberry bush isn't exactly like caring for other types of bushes in your yard. Learn about barberry bush care with help from a gardening professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Nicholas Staddon, and we're going to talk about barberry bush care, the BBC. Barberries are great foundation plants for your garden and they come in an array of shapes and sizes. We've got bush varieties here. This one is called Lime Glow, this one is called Sparkler, this one here is called Crimson Pigmy and then we have a brand new variety which is called Orange Rocket and Orange Rocket is a more upright variety. We're all in our Winter colors here, they look very beautiful. So barberries are really easy plants to look after. The first thing is you have to be a little bit careful because all of them are covered with thorns so if you have sensitive skin then make sure you put your gloves on before handling them. So how do you look after barberries? They're really very very easy. They like a nice well mulched soil. They like to be a little bit on the moist side. They will take some drought tolerance but the main thing is how you look after them pruning. So we're now going into the Autumn time and this is actually when we do the pruning job with your trusty pruners. So here's a great example. We have a plant here. It's a young plant that's been growing in the field but it's a little one sided. So what we do we come through with our pruners and we just even that plant up, make sure your pruners are nice and sharp, otherwise you'll tear the flesh on the branches. Luckily I don't have sensitive skin so I get right in there, make sure your pruners are really really sharp. You can shape these plants up very easily. You know, pruning is very therapeutic. You can always tell every great gardener because they have got a very expensive pair of pruners because they have the sharpest blades. So what we're looking for at the end of the year is a plant like this. So when it finishes growing it has a wonderful symmetrical shape and when it starts pushing its new growth in the Spring it's going to be a nice even colored foliage. This is Nicholas Staddon from Monrovia talking to you about barberry bush care.


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