How to Repot an Alberta Spruce to a Bigger Container

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You will likely need to repot your Alberta spruce into a bigger container as the plant continues to grow. Repot an Alberta spruce to a bigger container with help from a gardening professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Nicholas Staddon, and today we're going to talk about how to re-pot and Alberta spruce to a bigger container. Now, those of you that might have sensitive skin, I would advice you to put your garden gloves on. But, I'm going to pass on it today. They tend to be a little bit sharp on the needle sometimes and can bring a rash. But, use this if you will. So, here we have we have an Alberta spruce in a really nice five gallon green container. We're going to put this into this beautiful terracotta container. The first thing we do, the very first thing, we find an old broken pot or some pebbles, that sort of thing and we place these over the drain holes, not so that water come right out of the bottom, but so the soil doesn't drain out. So, I've got three little drain holes here and then what I do, take a handful of soil and I place this on top of the pottery shards so they don't move anymore. And I'm going to take our beautiful Alberta spruce. "Are you looking forward to this?" "Oh yes, I am." Take the container off very gently, there we go. Nice root system, and place that very gently into the container. Make sure she's nice and central 'cause once she's in there, it's kind of hard to remove her again. Take my shovel and very gently start to put the soil in. Now, I've got a real nice potting mix here that I bought from a local garden center. It's very organic and the young man or the garden center said, "Nicholas, about halfway through putting all the soil in, take some soil release fertilizer and place that into the soil, so when the roots start to come out from the root ball, they start to get some food." You'll notice that my soil is just a little on the damp side and that makes it much much easier to put into the pot. Okay. This is going to be a beautiful plant. And you know, for Christmastime, you can have this by the front door, you can have it by the back door where people come and go. You can even put white or red light on this plant. I saw one last year with blue lights on it. Look absolutely fantastic. Little more slow release fertilizer. Conifers tend to, they tend to like fertilizer; it's a little high on the nitrogen side, so that's the first number, 6 or 7. Here we go. Cover up the slow release fertilizer and there you have a beautiful Alberta spruce. They can grace your patio or your front door. This is Nicholas Staddon from Monrovia on how to re-pot an Alberta spruce into a larger size container.


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