How to Fertilize a Dwarf Alberta Spruce

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Fertilizing a dwarf Alberta spruce will more than pay off in the long run in the form of a really great looking plant. Fertilize a dwarf Alberta spruce with help from a gardening professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Nicholas Staddon. I'm with Monrovia. Today, we're going to talk about how to fertilize a dwarf Alberta spruce, and I've got one of these beauties with me here today. For those of you who live in the colder regions of the United States, you're probably very familiar with this plant. In fact you might have one of these in your own garden. But for those of you who live in the southern part of America, chances are the only time you see these plants is around Christmas time. To use them actually in the garden, they make great accent plants on their own. Or if you plant them in groups of three, because plants are very social, they're like people. They like to be planted together. They really look absolutely fantastic. But the reason we're here today is to talk about how you fertilize them. Now we've spoken about having them in the garden, a lot of people use them in containers as well. So the rule of thumb for me with fertilizing Alberta spruce is probably three times a year. Early spring, late spring, early summer and again, once during the summer months. You'll find they push their growth early in the year. It's called candling. When you buy your fertilizer I always tend to go with a granular variety. And what's really important is look for the higher number. You'll find three numbers on the box or the packet. Nitrogen is the first one, phosphate is the second one and pot ash is the third one. So look for the highest number in the nitrogen, 6, 7, somewhere along those lines. So when you're fertilizing, take a handful or a little shovel that comes in the packet and then fertilize around the drip line. The instructions will be on the packet as to exactly how much you should use. All these fertilizers tend to be heat and water sensitive, which is really good. And then if you like you can put just a little mulch over the top of it, work the fertilizer into the soil. It's the same if you have a container plant. Put the fertilizer on and then just a little bit of light mulch on top. Give the plant a nice drink and that fertilizer will soak in. This is Nicholas Staddon from Monrovia, on how to fertilize your Alberta spruce.


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