Tailoring a Coal Sleeve

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Tailoring a coal sleeve is something that will require a few tools, like a seam ripper. Tailor a coal sleeves with help from a fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Katrina Zarate from Funsie Studios and I'm going from Funsie Studio, and I'm going to be demonstrating today how to shorten the sleeve on a coat. So for this particular project you're going to need a couple of tools. You need your seam ripper. You're going to also need your pins, your going to need some tailors chalk and a sewing machine. The first thing you're going to want to do, and you're going to need someone to kind of help you with this process, is put your misfitting jacket on and determine the two problem areas. Is the sleeve too long, or is it too wide, or is it both. Once you've determined that with your friend, you're going to have them do some pinning for you. So from the shoulder seam, right where it meets the sleeve, you're going to pin in right along that sleeve line so that the sleeve becomes the appropriate length. Start from the shoulder seam and work your way all the way down and around till the sleeve is the appropriate length all the whole way around. At this point, if the sleeve is too wide, again you're going to do a similar process, starting from that seam line from where the sleeve meets the body right under the inseam where the armpit is, and you're going to pin right along all the way down till the sleeve is the appropriate length. You can then go to your tailors chalk and you're going to mark right where those pins are, right along where the sleeve is and where the body is. So you're going to follow the pins right along going all the way around. You're going to go ahead and remove the jacket. Once the jacket is removed, and be pretty careful because there's going to be a bunch of pins in it, you're going to want to remove any lining that's on the jacket. So typically coats have lining, if yours doesn't you go ahead an skip this step. But you're going to remove the lining right along where the shoulder seam is, all the way down to the armpit and all the way around. Next you're going to want to remove the sleeve of the jacket from the body of the coat. So again, follow that seam line from the shoulder, all the way down and around, removing as you go. You'll then have two different segments, the body of the coat and the sleeve of the coat. Match up from your previously drawn tailors chalk each of those lines making them touch each other, move to your sewing machine and you're just going to sew right along that tailor chalk line. At this point, your jacket will be reattached and now it's time to do the reattachment of the lining. So what you're going to do is just put your lining back together and follow right along the previous seam line, sewing from the shoulder of the lining down to the armpit and back up and around. You'll then have a perfectly fitted coat sleeve. Thanks for watching. This is Katrina Zarate from Funsie Studios.


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