How to Make Crunchy Potato Chips

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The secret to making crunchy potato chips rests within a few key areas of the preparation process. Make crunchy potato chips with help from a master chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, guys. My name is chef Suzy Singh, and I'm here in the kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu culinary school for And I'm so excited to show you guys today how to make crispy chips. Not just any type of chips, we're going to use sweet potatoes. So let's get started. First, what we're going to do is we're going to use chef Mic. For those of you who out there who don't know who chef Mic is, that's what I like to refer to as the microwave. So we're going to put a sweet potato in the microwave for seven minutes, take that sweet potato out, let it cool. Once it's cooled down, feel free to peel that sweet potato and cut it however you'd like for your chips. I personally am just a big fan of just the circle chip. This is actually something I want to bag but I'm going to give you the recipe instead. So you're going to soak this in cold water for about ten minutes and then hand dry with a paper towel. Once it's dry, we're going to put it in frying oil. So what I like to do, if you have a fryer at home, that's wonderful. If you don't, I like to put vegetable oil in a pot, get a thermometer in there and you want to make sure it's at 350 degrees. Then all I'm going to do is I'm going to place this in to the fryer. Watch out for your hands. This is probably not very kid-friendly, may not even be parent friendly. So once you're putting this in, let it go for about five to ten minutes. Depending on the shapes that you use for your crispy potatoes. Once we're done, we're going to take out those potato chips, we're going to put it into a bowl. Make sure you line that bowl with paper towels, that way it soaks up all the oil. Instantly you want to add your kosher salt and mix. We've already got a dip here so let's try it out. Oh wow. You're getting the crispiness from the sweet potato, you've got the creaminess from the dip. A lot of that innate sweetness is actually coming out the sweet potato as well and then you've got that salt to balance everything out. This is wonderful. Thank you so much for visiting us in Le Cordon Bleu kitchens. My name is chef Suzy Singh with eHow,com.


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