Recipe for Parmesan & Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries

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When making Parmesan and rosemary sweet potato fries, you're always going to need to keep a few important things in mind. Get a recipe for Parmesan and rosemary sweet potato fries with help from a master chef in this free video clip.

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Hey, guys. This is Chef Suzy Singh, and today, we're in the kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu for I'm so excited about the recipe that we're going to make today. Because we're turning something that's very ordinary into something that's extraordinary. We're doing sweet potato fries, very easy to make. But we're going to do it with a gorgeous Parmesan herby, delicious twist. So, let's get started. So, he first thing we're going to do is, we're just going to chop up the sweet potato into batonnet. It's just like matchsticks, so pretty small, you want to do it about maybe, three inches. What you're going to want to do is, put these sweet potato fries into the fryer at 325 degrees for about two minutes. Let it fry, take it out, let the oil drain, put it back in, at 350 degrees for about another five minutes. They'll get that nice, crunchy texture. What I'm going to show you today, is how to make sauce for it. So, the first thing we're going to do is, we're going to add butter to a saute pan. And we're going to let this melt evenly. if you let this go for too long, you're actually going to get brown butter. Which means that the milk sediments that are in the butter itself are cooking down and it's going to give you a very nutty texture. So, as this is cooking down, I'm also going to add a little bit of garlic to it. And what I love about the garlic, is that it's going to give that delicious aroma that we're looking for, and it's so natural, so healthy and so easy. Not saying that the butter is really healthy, but I mean, it's pretty delicious. So, now that this is melted down, we're going to add the herbs. So, we've got the thyme, we've got the rosemary, we've got a little bit of parsley, we've got the salts, we've got some black pepper. And finally, we've got some Parmesan cheese, we've just grated the Parmesan cheese. What this is going to add, is that nice stringiness that we're looking for. If you want to, oh, my gosh, this smells so good, guys, wow, I just got hit in the face with some garlic and some Parmesan, that is delicious. What's really great about this is, you can actually spread this over bread, you can put this on basically anything. It's a really great topping, I would say that it's an essential that you can have in your house. If you've got to much of this topping, you can actually place it in the freezer. All you need to do to defrost, is put this right on a saute pan and let it go for about three minutes. It'll totally defrost and have that delicious texture that you had from the beginning. Once the sweet potatoes are out of the fryer, we're going to add this mixture to it, and we're going to get something pretty delicious. Now that we're done with the mixture, we're just going to fold this into our freshly fried sweet potatoes. So, what I'm going to do is, I'm just going to take our mixture, I'm just going to put it right out. And you want to make sure it's nice and hot, both the mixture as well as the sweet potatoes. All I'm going to do, is now fold this together. And what you're going to see is, that it's nice and glazed, check it, looks pretty awesome, right guys. Just do it about like, five or six times, for the Parmesan, the rosemary, little bit of that butter to fully incorporate and then, plate. So, this is what it's going to look like when it's done. Let's try it out, oh, my god, guys, this is delicious, you've got that Parmesan cheese, that nice, delicious, velvety butter. You've got a little bit salt in there that you need for that crunch, you've got some rosemary as well as parsley. This is the perfect treat, not only for tailgating, but also for a holiday. Thank you for joining me, Chef Suzy Singh, in the kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu for


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