Exercise to Build Your Muscles Up for Women After Thirty

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Building up your muscles after thirty will require you to explore a few easy to manage and high performance techniques. Learn about exercises that will help women over thirty build muscles with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Sway Fitt with swayfitt.com, with two T's, s-w-a-y-f-i-t-t, and I'm going to be demonstrating some exercises that you can do to build muscle for women over 30. Thirty is a prime time to build muscle, so what I'm going to focus on is the lower body first. I'm going to do a angle leg press because it hits all of your lower body; your gluts, your hamstrings which is the back of your thigh and the front of your thighs, your quadriceps. I'm going to immediately follow with a jump squat. This is called supersetting. It's working the same set of muscles, but doing a different exercise. I'm going to start standard width apart and that's shoulder width. And be careful not to lock your knees on the extended position. Now, I'm going to go over here to my jump squat and you can do this without weight, but I'm going to hold a 25-pound plate here. And I'm going to start again shoulder width apart, looking up; keeping my back straight through the whole range of motion, dropping my butt to the back of my calves. To make this easier, you want to exhale on your way up, inhale on your way down. Alright, great. Now, we're going to work on the upper body. We completed the lower body, now we're going to go over and do some exercises for the upper body. This next exercise as I said it will work in the upper bod, is a lat pull down. This targets your back and the biceps. I'm going to take a wider grip because everyone as a woman, we like that V shape, that natural, I call it hour-glass shape. And this will help accentuate your upper back, making your waistline look smaller. So, I'm going to grab wide and I'm going to look up, pulling the bar to my chest and bringing it right back to the ending position right here. I'm going to go over now and I'm going to work the shoulders, superset it with a push-up. Again, a superset is working the same set of muscles, but a different exercise. To finish my upper body workout, I'm going to do a shoulder press, that works your shoulders and your triceps, that's the back of your arms, superset it with push-ups. I like to do this combination because it really fatigues the upper body and give you the most of your workout. Alright. The push-ups that I'm going to be doing is good for your triceps as well, your chest and just good for general upper body strength. And it's important not to get too low on the shoulder press to put stress on your rotator cuff. You want to keep your upper arms parallel to the ground. So, bringing it right, right to your ears and push up. Now, I'm going to go to my push-up here, placing my hands right under my chest and I want my abs nice and tight, everything level. Now, I really feel that because I've already exhausted my shoulders and triceps in this exercise making this push-up a lot more effective. And that concludes my segment on how to build muscle for women over 30.


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