Leg Curls & Extensions

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Leg curls and extensions are best accomplished using a few very specific techniques. Find out about leg curls and extensions with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Sway Fitt with SwayFitt.com with two ts, that's s w a y f i t t. And what I'm going to be demonstrating for you today are leg curls and leg extensions. The first apparatus I'm going to use is a pronated leg curl. That means I'm going to face stomach down in a semi angled position and I'm going to curl my feet and I'm going to bring them up to my buttocks. Right here, this works the back of my legs or those hamstrings. For more isolation you can even do them one leg at a time or single legs, where I'm just going to take one leg out and curl one leg at a time. The next exercise I'm going to demonstrate is a leg extension. This will focus on the front of the legs or your quadriceps. So now I'm over here to the leg extension which I said works the front part of you legs and I'm just going to show you a couple of variations on this machine as well. First I'm going to start toes up and I'm just going to extend my legs. Good. This works the front part of your thighs or the rectus femoris or the vastus intermedius. To target the outer sweep of your thighs, or the vastus lateralis, you can turn your feet in to a pigeon toe position or toes together. And like I said this works the vastus lateralis or the outer sweep of your thighs. Now, again I'm going to switch my position. I'm going to turn my feet out, so that's heels together. This is going to work the vastus medialis or the middle part of my thighs. That way working all different heads of the thighs you will get a complete thigh workout. And for more isolation you can also do these single as well. And that guys, are leg extensions and leg curls. Thank you for joining me.


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