What Part of the Chest Do Incline Flies Target?

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Incline flies are a great way to target a few distinct parts of your chest. Find out what part of the chest incline flies target with help from a qualified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Eric Quinn, I'm a personal trainer and we here in Club Metro, Jersey City, New Jersey. Today, we're going to answer the question, what part of your chest incline flies target? O.k., so, doing chest flies, it works in the chest muscle as a whole and also in your front delt. But depending on the angle, it's going to emphasize a little more on the upper part of your chest and your delts, your front delts, than when you work in a different angle. So, I have it right now, in about 30 degrees. I like working it at 30 degrees because it emphasizes more on the pecs than the shoulders. But as you bring it up a little higher, like 45 degrees, let's say, it's going to emphasize a little more on the upper part, closer to your shoulders. So, it depends on where you want to work it. If you want to emphasize more again, on the pecs, you bring it a little lower. If you want to emphasize more on the shoulders, you bring it a little higher. Again, I like it on 30 degrees, so this is how we're going to do it. We're going to do it using 30 degrees, where we're going to do the flies correctly, so you can see it. O.k., so, we're going to go back on the bench, we're gong to grab the weight. We're going to bring it up, straight up with the shoulders, right. You bring your head all the way back, as you want to relax neck too, because the neck is not above in the exercise. Do me a favor, also, when you do this, when you're doing the fly, make sure you don't do this, you don't over-stretch your back, you don't need to do that, the opposite is correct. You engage your core, as you do this, meaning, you pull this up. So, we're going to hold it up here, like this, keeping your elbows nice and relaxed. And we're going to open up, stretch, on the way, feel the full stretch of the pec muscles. We don't need to over-stretch, neither, because that can also injure your pecs. So, we're going to keep it leveled, until we feel a good stretch and we're going to bring it up here, to here. Alright, we're going to go down and stretch, we get a full stretch, and up. This is a kind of exercise that you can't really rush, because you can injure yourself easily. So, we're going to keep it here like this, engaging your core, remember, and exhaling as you press up. O.k., keeping your neck down and relax, you press and you keep it up. And doing this works excellent for your pecs. Remember the part it works, it works on your chest as a whole, and your front delts. And that's excellent for that.


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