How to Do Abdominal Exercises Correctly

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Doing abdominal exercises is one thing - doing them correctly is something else entirely. Do abdominal exercises correctly with help from a qualified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Eric Quinn. I'm a personal trainer and we are here in Club Metro, Jersey City, New Jersey. Today, we are going to talk about how to do abdominal exercises correctly. Okay so here's the deal I know that you already know that there are so many different ways of doing crunches. I chose a ball, the stability ball. Some call it instability ball, I call it stability ball. You know either way is fine. Why do I do this because this gives me a good stretch in the ab muscles. So I don't have to focus only in the concentric part but I also focus on the eccentric part. I focus on the part where the muscle is stretching. Just be careful when you do this because if you have injuries in your back it can be a little tricky doing this exercise. Doing abs on the ball. For the same reason I just mention because you get a good stretch. And as you are stretching your ab muscles you are contracting your back muscles okay. So we are on the ball. We are going to roll down. Just make sure the round part of the ball is on your lower back. And as you go down you are going to get a good extension of your ab muscles alright. The hands behind the neck is not to press the neck, is to hold the neck in place or the head. Okay so we are going to go down feeling the full stretch of the ab muscles. And we are going to come up. As we come up we also want to contract the pelvis area okay. We go down feeling the full stretch. As we come up squeeze in not just the ab muscles but we also squeeze in the pelvis. Again down squeeze up, down we squeeze up. Down we squeeze up. From here another thing you can do you can do concentric movement. Just from this point, this exercise. From here you come up and down here. Remember the hands, the thumb just put it up here holding your head in place not pushing your neck. You are going to come up and down like this. It's very simple, very simple but the benefit you know of doing this remember is getting the eccentric part of your exercise. Which is this stretching the ab muscles. You stretch, you squeeze up. Stretch, squeeze up. This is the best exercise you can do for your abs. This has been Eric Quinn and that's how you do abdominal exercises correctly.


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