Hair Colors That Make a Face Look Thinner

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Certain hair colors can actually make your face appear thinner than it really is if applied properly. Learn about hair colors that make a face look thinner with help from an internationally-renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Allen Edwards and welcome to the Allen Edwards Hair in Woodland Hills. Today, we're going to talk how haircuts and hair color can help bring out and enhance your face shape and bring out your skin tones. And what we're going to be doing is, keeping her red, maybe even making it a little more intense,and cutting he hair shorter. And what that's going to do, it's going to bring out this beautiful white skin, give her higher cheek bones and enhance her eyes. So, let's start with the hair color and see where it goes. So, the step one, is we do her color. Then, you have to shampoo her color out, then you condition your hair and then, you cut her hair. So, we're going to cut her hair shorter and we're going to give it a little more movement and make it a little more fun. And by cutting the top a little shorter, we'll give her a little bit of height, make her face look a little bit longer. Again, I love bringing out the cheek bones, and the eyes are the most important part of the face. The technique I use for cutting, is called the tapering scissor, for those of you, if any of you are a hairdresser, watching this show. And what's good about a tapering scissor, is that it doesn't make your hair so blunt. It gives it more release, it gives it more freedom and it makes it a sexier type of short haircut. You see, by leaving the neckline just a little soft like that, it gives her neck a longer look to it. It gives it some length, it doesn't have that really short chop, we want the neck to look long and beautiful, not thick and wide. You see, the haircut is already there. While I'm cutting it, I'm building movement into the haircut as I'm cutting and keeping these ends nice and thick. As we're going to keep this crown longer, in through here and give her a little more length around her face. But as the sides, you see what I was talking about the sides cutting into her face, bring out her cheek bones and bring out her eyes. And that's what you're seeing in short hair now, on all the celebrities. Now, you're seeing tons of really shoot, fun, really fun, short hair going on. That you could multiple things with it, you could do, have it flat, and very severe, very boy-like. We'll put the right product in it and make it pop up and be kind of fun, and texturize, not that punky, but you know, really, much more fun type of look to it. We're done with her cut now, we're going to blow her hair, dry. Now, with blowing short hair, dry, it's important you use the right hair products. Because again, we want to bring out the texture of the hair, we want to make the hair shiny. And we want it to have that look, that look of really cool short hair. O.k., so, this is our finished look. As you can see, the red color is amazing on her. What did you call it? You named it great. Red velvet. It looks like red velvet cake, it sort of does. And I love the color, but I love what it's done to her skin tone, and it's really made her look fabulous. Now, as you see, I just use my fingers when I blow-dry, or a flat brush. Don't take a round brush and start lifting it up. Keep it close to the head, and get it to that really shine. And you can see, how the serum developed a shine. Thank you, I'm Allen Edwards, Allen Edwards Hair, Woodland Hills.


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