How to Dye Hair Multiple Colors

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Dying your hair multiple colors is going to require you to follow just a few basic steps. Dye hair multiple colors with help from an internationally-renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Allen Edwards and we're at Allen Edwards Hair in Woodland Hills, California. Today, we're going to show how to like look like a rock star. You know how to get that really cool short hair cut and add multiple highlights to it. So we dyed her hair sort of a dark red and now we're going to put in black and blond highlights and it's going to give it sort of a confetti type feeling when we do it because we were, we cut it much shorter than this and it's really piecy and fun. So what we're going to be doing is you see we have a bowl this is your black and this is your blond and then I use foils and I go every other piece is going to be black and, and then blond and then black and then blond and then we let that lift up and that's all really need to do. The thing you have to be careful of when you're doing highlights and you're have, do fun stuff is not to do too much because if you have too many highlights it be comes too dominant, we want the dominate color to be the red that she has and the accent colors to be the blond and the black. Okay, now we're going to put her under the dryer and the heat will bring up the blond and the black will start developing, okay? So let's do that and we'll come back. Hi, we're back and I'm Allen Edwards from Allen Edwards Woodland Hills, California and we're showing you how to add multiple colors to a cool short hair cut to, my specialty is short hair and I love making people look interesting and different and you could see the colors when we started off, we were talking about a red base, then I added blond and I added black and we added lighter red in between. So she has four different colors going and it all works because of the little amount that I put in, the mistake comes when you do too much of something, too much of something good, you might say, but when you're going to do those other colors they cannot be a lot, they have to just be a little accent color. So I kept it flat and shiny, using The Allen Edwards Sheer Force Products, you could see how the serums makes her hair, her hair is like satin, I mean it's like beautiful silk, but we could see the black running through here, the blond running through here a light red, dark red and then I did black on this one piece, while I was putting them in. Now this is called, this is called Designing Mud that I make and it's a pomade, but it's got a thicker texture to it, that you could buy at the and we have the whole line on there just go under shop and you'll see it. So by putting the mud in her hair and working the texture it you could, it really brings out all those colors and you could see the way I cut hair with tapering scissors gives the hair that texture, it's just not blunt hard edge, it's piecy, it's soft, it's really kind of, really fun and cute and gives you the ability to play. I want you to learn to play with your hair and use the texture in your hair, but you need the right products, the right haircut and the right hairdresser, me. So again I'm Allen Edwards, Allen Edwards Hair in Woodland Hills and also Saying she looks great and I'll see you next time.


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