The Best Haircuts for Fine, Curly Hair & a Square Face Shape

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If you've got fine, curly hair and a square face shape, there are a few important haircuts that you're going to want to know about. Learn about the best haircuts for fine, curly hair and a square face shape with help from an internationally-renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Allen Edwards, and we're back now with her hair shampooed and conditioned. And we're going to think about how we're going to cut her hair. Now the thing with naturally curly hair is you don't want to over layer because then it starts jumping up on us. But we do want to release some weight so it's just not a big square. Remember, we're dealing with a square face and wider jaw. So if I leave her too one length, it's going to get too wide and give her that sort of square, make her jaw square. So I'm going to start cutting her hair and just gradually start working some layers in her hair. Like I say, she doesn't want to cut her hair short and we're leaving it long. So we're just going to go in and start cleaning up some of these ends, but getting a better shape to her hair. And you could see, when I pick up her ends the ends of her is very, kind of frail, they almost look a little bit broken. By cutting it, it's thickening it up and giving her a much better shape. Now with a wide jaw it's important also to go to the side, not down the middle. By going down the middle we're creating more width, more square. So going to the side it'll break that squareness and give her better shape to her face. Now when blowing her hair dry, and using her natural curl it's important to use the right products. So we have frizz eliminating cream that's in my line that works great on her hair because it gives her hair a shape and a curl and takes the frizz out of her hair. So we're going to use that and we're going to combine it with a little bit of serum for shine. Now this is called a diffuser and what a diffuser does is sort of diffuser the air so it's not blowing her hair all over. We're just going to use that and start letting her natural curl come into place. Hi. Well we're back and I'm Allen Edwards in Allen Edwards Hair in Woodland Hills, California and you could see, after I trimmed her hair, and changed the weight, that's what we do, is we redistribute the weight in her hair to give it more lift. Instead of being so square it gave her sort an even amount of curl and broke the squareness of her jaw and took that away. She doesn't even have a square face anymore. And you could see how much softer and sexier it is with the hair layered around the face. And also, we also have like what do celebrities do who have curly hair like this and fine hair. Well they do sort of the same thing, they layer their hair more and they could use curling irons and you could use electric rollers and you could use Velcro rollers to change the shape of the curl, especially if it's fine. It always gives the hair a thicker look to it. Now again this is a product that we invented called Texture String. And it's really good, it's made out of fibers. You put it in your hand, you clap your hands, you get all these little fibers and then you work it in the hair. Put your head down for a minute, and it gives your hair all this body. You work it through there, put your head back, and it activates the curl, but look at how cool that curl looks. It's really fun. And that's also on You'll see the whole line, Sheer Force. And you could buy it. Just hit the button, shop. Well, I'm Allen Edwards. It's been great fun and I'll see you again.


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